My Thoughts about William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”

Based on a poem, I can guarantee you that it relates to your life or the situation you’re living in at the moment of reading the poem. Poems are very meaningful and can mean a lot to a person in terms of emotion. The poem, “Invictus,” by William Ernest Henley, has many expressions of feeling in it. The speaker explains how he feels about the situation through which he’s going through. This poem can be used in terms of many situations, yet Henley uses it as a painful situation.

I could use this poem for problems in my life. If I ever feel like I have a certain struggle that I can’t handle, I can always use this poem as a reference in order to keep my head up using the line “My head is bloody, but unbowed.” This one line can change many doubts. This poem is very influential and can have a huge impact on many readers. Lines in this poem such as “And yet the menace of the years, Finds and shall find me unafraid” can motivate a reader. That line can push a reader from speaking their mind to overcoming a fear.

There were times where I have felt like the speaker in case. I barely cared about anything because I knew what was going to happen there wouldn’t be any change. I had to think about the positives though. How would I benefit from this happening? Would everything be the same after the big change? It turned out everything ended up alright. If I knew about this poem at that time, I would have surely used it for help.

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