My Thoughts about William Ernest Henley’s Poem, “Invictus”



The theme of this poem is that even though there might be something that tries to stop you, you are still in control. William Ernest Henley wrote this poem when he was in the hospital getting his leg cut off from tuberculosis. William Henley’s tuberculosis is what was trying to stop him and even though he got his leg cut off he didn’t stop. The theme is to not give up, even if there is something big in your way. This themes shown in Invicitus from the beginning  to the end he says that he is out of the darkness, that the years are catching up. but he is unafraid, and then he says he is the captain of his soul.

The poem Invictus does have real world applications. This has been showed by Nelson Mandela he used the poem when he was in prison to keep himself from quitting. So I do believe that people can benefit from know this especially people who are facing problems. The poem would give them enough hope to keep on going and not to give up.

I can apply this poem to my life when there is a problem. I can’t say that there is an instance where I have felt like the reader, but that doesn’t change the fact that this poem could and will help me in the future. I do believe this poem in the future when I am faced with something that I can’t solve myself.

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