Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay


What do you call a leader? Someone who leads others in the right direction. Snowball would’ve been a better leader because he wanted to educate the animals, he was very understanding, and trustworthy. Napoleon was mean, manipulative, and a liar. Even though, Napoleon was the leader Snowball would’ve been better because he wanted to educate the animals.

Have you ever thought of a pig being interested in the political system? Snowball has a chance of becoming a leader. Snowball cares about the animals living condition and education.Snowball read books and learn more about the political system to help him win the power. Napoleon is jealous of Snowball and he wants to win  the power. Snowball himself thinks he is a genius and he’ll guide the farm towards success. Snowball knows the meaning of animal-ism. Snowball does everything to win power as a leader. He shows concern to the animals on the farm. He even tells the animals what hell do for them one he becomes the leader. Snowball hopes this power will make things better for him and the animals.

Napoleon doesn’t care about the animals, he is just worried about the power he’ll have. Napoleon is a selfish boar who wants to have power and become a leader. He cares nothing about the animals on the farm. Napoleon is a manipulator. Napoleon works behind the scenes to build his leadership through manipulating and deal making. Napoleon thinks he’ll become a great leader because he figured out how to manipulate Snowball. Napoleon begin expanding his powers.  Napoleon doesn’t even know anything about political philosophy.

Napoleon and Snowball have never been friends. They are enemies. The enmity reaches its climax in chapter 5. This is when the animals had a meeting to decide on Snowball’s windmill.Napoleon urinated on Snowball’s windmill when he was going to go look at t. Napoleon made a sound  and nine huge dogs chase Snowball off the farm. Snowball did everything to try and become the leader. Snowball took every opportunity and idea before Napoleon could think of those ideas. Napoleon beat Snowball to the point in becoming the leader. Too bad Snowball is gone, He would have been a great leader.

A leader comes with ambition, having great techniques, and ideas. Napoleon isn’t a great leader, but Snowball would’ve been a great leader as well. Snowball strives to be the leader and to have power. Snowball knew all the techniques in the political system because he studied it. On the other hand, Napoleon was a smooth operator. He was very sneaky. Napoleon just wanted power and to have control over the animals. His propaganda was used to manipulate Snowball, ruin his ideas,  and projects Napoleon was sut jealous that Snowball was intelligent and he knew the techniques to being a leader. Napoleon ended the enmity between him and Snowball by having his dogs chase him off the farm . Napoleon’s strategies worked better than Snowball’s. Snowball is no longer on the farm and Napoleon is now the leader.

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