Lessons I’ve Learned

At the age of 11,I attended my first day of middle school. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous, because I was going with my brother and I new most kids from our neighborhood. On the first day of school, we played 2 truths of and 1 lie most of the kids were surprised by my background considering I look like regular student. When I first attended my middle school I saw how easy the curriculum was compared to my homeschool curriculum. Throughout my first year of middle school I learned that I was funny, athletic , and fun to be around.

Public School was kind of hard to get use to, because when I was home-schooled I woke up around 10:00 and was out by 1:00 or 2:00 at the latest. Attending public school allowed me to become responsible for what I say and do. Before attending Public School I had never been in a school with the exception of going to the elementary school with my parents ,so they could vote.

Personal Strengths

Diligent Worker

One of my most important traits is I’m diligent worker. Because I was home-schooled I lacked many skills most students learn in preschool such as drawing and using scissors, but I didn’t allow my weakness keep me from completing my work. I learned how to deal with my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

I think being a diligent worker is important, because you can just give up on every obstacle thrown at you. My mom taught me to be diligent worker by not allowing my to quit or give up anything I do, to  stay consistent with everything you do, and don’t let people have control over your destiny. At a young age my parents taught me to be responsible , because they are not always going to be here to tell what to do and not to do.


Being social is important ,because you learn to care about others feelings and to not be selfish. Everyday I consider how my actions affect others, being social allows me to easily consider how what I say and do can positively or negatively affect others. I enjoy being social, because your learn things other people. Being social has helped me in school, by being able to relate and communicate with others, outside of my race or religion.

It is important social, because you can easily communicate with adults and peers. If you can easily communicate with others it makes people more eager to talk and socialize with you. I am grateful  that I had the opportunity to go to public school, because I wouldn’t have been able to learn this about myself until I got to college.

Risk Taking

I am  a huge risk taker. This is good, because I’m not afraid of change. By  taking risks, I have expanded my abilities as well as  expose myself to new scenarios and situations, that can help me in the long run . Risk taking is a very vital tool to have in everyday life. I realized that my life was based on my accomplishments and being a risk takers allows me to not be a follower but a leader. All the most inspiring leaders of history were never afraid to take risk and they have changed our society for the better.

The ability to step out of my comfort zone and trying new things has help me meet new people. Doing this allows me to do better in school because I seek reject the status quo.  This strength has help me become a much better student in school and in life.


I am very focused whenever I work. Being focused has allowed me to ignore all other distractions until I have  complete my assignment . Being focused has helped me to do things on time, so that I can have time for my extra curricular activities. Being focused has also helped me to better understand materials covered in school .From my experiences, I have learned if you remain focused, understanding things will become a lot more simple.

Many times during breaks from school, I find myself  struggling to  have fun, because I stress about my grades, but staying focused during breaks has allowed me to lessen my stress level. When I remain focused, I find that I remember more of the lessons taught by the teacher. By being focused, I have been able to complete my work quicker than others, who tend to play around . I have learned  the  value of being focused after attending Public School. Even though we didn’t  do receive a large amount of homework, being focused allowed  me to finish  my homework with much less stress.


I have learned I’m pretty organized. I wasn’t that organized before I attended Public School,but I felt it was vital for me to be organized to  be organized to get rid of old habits. I realized that if I didn’t become organized. Before becoming organized, I would lose or misplace my work. I came to the realization that if each day before and after school to make sure that all my materials were organized I could later easily find them. After coming to that realization school became a lot less stressful for me. Knowing where my stuff was a lot easier after becoming organized, I no longer had to scramble through my  book bag or crowded locker to find things. All my materials were where they should be, so I could be prepared for every class.

Being organized has  helped me  keep my materials in much better condition. I no longer am tempted to just throw my  projects in  my book. Keeping my materials in good condition lets teachers know you took their assignment serious not just as any other peace of paper turning in my projects in time allows me to feel confident knowing not only that its right ,but it is also in good condition.


I am consistent with my work. One of the things that has allowed to be persistent is that I enjoy the ability to have free time. Enjoying playing sports for hours has allowed me to finish my home work to go play basketball. Being consistent is a trait that I learned early on in my life. It has remained with me, since then and has allowed me to map out may days and the amount of ours to do and become more organized. trying things over has became one of my strengths,because when you are consistent you try things over until you get them.

Many times I have been overwhelmed with work,but the drive to be successful and consistent allowed me to stay focused. staying consistent has allowed me to learn new things from trial and error. By remaining consistent, I was able to not only complete my work, but most importantly understand it.

Personal Weaknesses


I struggle in hand-writing.Although majority of our work was typed, having good handwriting is very important to me. When someone sees your handwriting, it reflects many things you as a person and what type of person you are based on my handwriting  I am most of the time impatient. good handwriting is important to have clear and well thought out ideas.

Having better handwriting will provide me with greater opportunities now and later on in life. People seem to respect and admire people with good handwriting. Teachers also admire neat legible work from their students.

Stressed Out

At times,I get really stressed out. While I’m under stress, I can be hard to be around . I start to think that everybody is doing something wrong , but I later found when I get stress just to go to sleep or rest to calm down. I tend to struggle with stress 90% of the time in my every day life a lot ,while others I’m around rarely struggle with stress .  I also tend to perform poorly when I’m under pressure. I start thinking every thing I do is wrong and I start to get stressed.

Stress is a miniscule things that I have to learn to control. Everyone has to deal with things , so there is no reason for me to stress over stuff that doesn’t affect me . I need to understand life happens and that I can’t  control everything that happens.

Writing Skills

One of my biggest problem writing. From a very young age, I have been quite horrible writer . I would make stupid  grammar mechanics mistakes that would make my whole paper sound stupid.     As time went on, my grammar has gotten much better.  The biggest contributor to my grammar is from my lack of writing when I  was  younger I did a majority of my work on the computer with spell-check, so there was no reason to learn grammar rules.

Since I came to  Public School, my lack of grammar mechanics has shown. However, I now realize grammar mechanics is important I tend to diagram sentences, in my head before writing or typing them. I also am starting to read books and look for grammar mechanics to become a stronger writer.


I am lazy, I tend to wait till  the last minute to do things. Being lazy is a weakness of mine I noticed at a young age. I Became lazy from being a athlete as an athlete I have practice a lot, so I barely get time to sleep or be a normal kid. Being lazy developed over a long period of time, it started with me sleeping 15 hours a day to me laying in bed all day , at times I would sleep a whole day. My lack of schedule in my life caused me to sleep, because I felt I had nothing to do.

Since starting Public Schools, I’ve developed a schedule in which I use in everyday life. My laziness at times over powers my drive, to improve in things, but rarely does my friend lazy come out. I enjoy staying active and doing my work on time, more than I did before Public Schools.


This weakness comes from my Dad , who is not  any form patient. I do not like sitting in a classrooms and listening to teachers mumble about things I don’t care about id rather do some thing else quite honestly. This weakness has some what hurt me in school by allowing me to become slightly   distracted and miss the whole point of the lesson.

This trait influences my life badly, because when I get bored I tend to act up or start talking. Many teachers, tend deal with my trait by having me hand out things because moving me will only aggravate me more. I plan to fix this problem by asking questions and being involved in discussions.


This weakness wasn’t that big of a deal in my first year of public school , because we barely got home work. I am a huge procrastinator,because I fill I shouldn’t do things till the day that it’s  due or else I’m wasting time. This weakness has hurt me in school by making me rush to finish my assignments.

I no longer support this trait,because being a procrastinator prevents me from being successful. Waiting till the last minute to do things is irritating because u cant take your time you have to rush and you make mistakes. I will change this trait by finishing all my assignments before they are due.







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