Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay

      What kind of environment would you want to live in? An environment where the leader cares about your well being, or a leader who only cares about power. In the Animal Farm Napoleon and Snowball are like this. Napoleon wants full power over all of the animals, while Snowball wants equality for everyone.This is why even though Snowball was exiled from the farm he would still have made a better leader than Napoleon. Snowball had better views on animalism(communism) , he had better ideas on how to make the Animal Farm succeed, and he would fight with the animals. Who followed the original vision of animalism better?

             Old Major started the idea of animalism just before he died, so Napoleon and Snowball made his idea a reality. Snowball’s views on animalism didn’t really change from what Old Major originally  intended. Snowball cared for all the animals and tried to make everyone equal and working for themselves. Napoleon on the other hand does not keep the original ideas of Old Major. Instead he turns animalism into a tyranny. All that Napoleon wanted was power, and he would do anything to obtain power. To obtain power Napoleon would lie to the animals, he shows this when he said that Snowball was a traitor and he took away everything that said otherwise. This is only one of the ways that Snowball was a better leader.

               Snowball had better ideas on how to make Animal Farm succeed. One of Snowball’s ideas was the Battle of Cowshed. The Battle of Cowshed was a battle between the animals and Mr. Jones. Snowball came up with a plan on how to defeat Mr. Jones when he was trying to retake the land also Snowball was a part of the fight. Snowball also had the idea of making a windmill. Snowball said that if they made a windmill then in the long run they would have to work a lot less than what they worked then. Napoleons ideas on the other hand were never in favor of the animals. He would only make rules that were in the favor of him.

Snowball would fight by the side of the animals. Even though Snowball was only in one fight on the animal farm (cowshed battle) he still showed more courage then Napoleon who just hide.  This showed the reader that Snowball actually cared about the animals, while Napoleon just cared about the power.

To conclude Snowball would have made a better leader if he wasn’t exiled from the farm because he had better views on animalism, he had better ideas on how to make the animal farm succeed, and he would fight by the sides of the animals. Everything that Snowball did while he was on the farm was in favor of the animal, while everything Napoleon did was in favor of himself.

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