Lessons I’ve Learned

In 2013, I was a 13 year old 8th grade student at Confluence Academy South City. The school wasn’t a horrible school, but it was not challenging at all. When it came time to pick a college I didn’t want to have to go to Confluence Preparatory Academy, so I looked.

I looked at a bunch of schools and finally decided that Cleveland was going to be my choice. Right when I was going to sign up for Cleveland my mom said that there was going to be a new medical school that was opening up I looked into it and saw that it was only going to be freshmen, so I signed up.

All I knew about the school was that it was a medical based school and that it was only going to have a freshmen class in it. This intrigued me, so I wrote the essay that they made us right and then a couple weeks later I had an interview with Mr. Clatto.

When I got to this school in August the building was a little disappointing, but not an end all situation. When I saw my class choices I was surprised by some of the classes such as Physics and Latin. In my old school all we had to choose from were Spanish and regular science. I have learned a lot from going to this school so far.I have learned that I have some strengths that help me succeed and that I have some weaknesses that I need to work on.

Personal Strengths


I don’t really think I learned this trait I think it was just something I had at a very young age. I became conscious of this trait mostly in science class when talking about gravity and different things in space I always wanted to know more and more.

This trait has helped me in school by actually getting me engaged in certain topics instead of just day dreaming. When ever I would hear a certain thing like in history when my teacher would talk about war I would automatically open my ears because the stuff engaged me.

When I am in classes mostly history or science and a teacher will say something that sounds interesting like a black hole or Hiroshima I will start listening and I will actually learn things which is why I think this is an important strength to have.

Good with people

I learned this trait from my dad. He sold insurance when I lived in Texas and from watching him talk to costumers nicely. Since then I have always liked working with people, talking, and just being a positive person.

This trait has helped me in school both academically and socially. I never find it hard to make friends and I always learn stuff from people that I wouldn’t have known other wise.

This strength has helped me in school gain new knowledge from people who are sometimes just smarter then me and it also helps me gain people to partner up with whenever I have a big assignment that needs smart partners.


I have learned this trait by just taking everything as a joke and never getting to upset over little things. I became conscious of this trait in the 4th grade, but I have had since 2nd grade.

This has helped me in school by calming me down in stressful situations. Whenever there is a big test or something that I stress over I just think of funny things. It is like a way to calm myself down, so I don’t get to stressed and start pulling out my hair.

I do believe you can lose this trait if you let stress overtake you. If you stop looking at things in a funny way and just get overwhelmed at what life has to offer then you will now longer have this trait, which is no good because I believe this is one of the most important traits to have.

Note Taking

I do not believe I learned this trait, but if I did I would have to thank my 2nd grade teacher. She was the first teacher who actually made us take notes in class over Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes.

This trait has helped me in school by having me prepared for an up coming test or a topic that I wasn’t paying full attention to. In class I will be writing the notes on the board, but for some reason my brain won’t be on, so then I can look back in my notes and see what I did in that class. It is a very helpful trait.

I do believe you can grow and strengthen this trait by being more detailed in what you write down. Anyone can take notes at a 2nd grade level, but if you write them with 100% detail then there will be nothing you are missing out on and will help you in the long run.

Open Minded

I learned this trait from my grandpa who always told me that there is no reason to have an argument if you don’t see both sides clearly. I started actually using this trait when I would get in arguments with people like my grandma.

This has helped me in school by allowing me to learn new things. If I wasn’t open minded I would still think you always need a comma after because.

This trait can benefit others when they want to get a opinion across or an idea they won’t have someone whose mind is already set on the conclusion.


I learned this trait from my 7th grade history teacher. I am not always enthusiast for everything, but when there is something that interests me then I get very enthusiast.

This has helped me in school by intriguing  me onto a topic allowing me to do a lot of research on it and in the end get a good grade on it.

I believe mainly teaches have nurtured this trait into me by trying to pick topics that seem interesting to a class.


Personal Weaknesses


This weakness comes from going to easier school were I was allowed to wait until 9 o’clock at night to start on homework.

This weakness has hurt me in school by making me rush to finish an assignment at the latest possible time.

I continue to support this trait because it is the easier thing to do then just doing the right thing, which is not a good way to look at it.

To sleepy

This weakness comes from a younger age of always wanting to stay up and procrastination doesn’t help because I sometimes have to stay up late to finish something.

This weakness has hurt me by falling asleep in class, not paying attention, and sometimes being late to school.(has not happened in a while though)

I am going to try and lose this trait by losing my procrastination trait if I lose that one then getting to bed earlier will be a lot easier.

To social

This weakness comes from a young age also as always wanting to be the class clown and always wanting people to laugh.

This weakness has hurt me in school by having the teachers get very angry at me and me missing important lessons and even sometimes distracting other students from learning important lessons.

I do not know if I can lose this trait to be honest. I love talking and I know it isn’t horrible to talk at the right times, but it just seems like I don’t seem to know when the right and wrong times are. Maybe I will lower it maybe, but I doubt I will totally lose it.


This comes from older schools were it didn’t matter as much because there a wasn’t a lot to do and you got A’s a lot easier.

This weakness has hurt me in school by not getting work done or taking the least amount of time on it and getting a really bad grade.

I continue to support this weakness because I am too lazy to get rid of it. It is like a never ending loop of laziness that keeps it alive.

Distracted easily

This weakness comes from a young age also. I have always hated sitting in a class and hearing a teacher lecture about something I don’t think I will ever use in my everyday life, which is why I just zone out.

This weakness has hurt me by not hearing or learning the things getting taught to me because I am too busy staring at the ceiling.

I am going to try and get rid of this trait by having more patience and trying to enjoy the topic more.


This weakness comes from my dad who is also not very patient. I do not like sitting in a classroom and waiting to do something this ties in with getting distracted easily because I don’t like to wait.

This weakness has hurt me in school by allowing me to become distracted easily which then has me miss important topics and or lessons.

I am going to try and get rid of the this trait by being more involved in the topic, which might help with being bored and having to wait for something to get interesting.


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