My Animal Farm


A huge music festival that happens every summer in the United Kingdom is having some troubles with dealing with bands dropping out or not wanting to sign up, because the head band, Crown the Empire, are a bunch of jerks and very egotistical. They have been the head band for the tour for a few years, and since they are the head band they are in power of what bands go and don’t go, where and when they play, etc. As time goes on, more and more bands want to drop out, or won’t agree to go, because Crown the Empire makes the whole experience horrible for everyone around them.  Even though Crown the Empire make it a horrible time for others, some bands still decide to go.

After a while, other bands start to get together and see what they can do to make the tour a better and more fun trip to go on. They hit stumps along the way with choosing on to do it, and some bands disagree on how to and when to do the take over. Most of the bands have been there for a few years, some are rookies, and a few are long time players. Even though, the bands can’t seem to find a solution quick enough, they find a way to keep hope and try on.


Ideologies Of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

My first theme is “Ideologies Of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies” . In my animal farm, all the other bands on the tour where tired of the lead band, Crown the Empire, being jerks that were in control of everything. After awhile, they wanted to get rid of Crown the Empire and get things back to the way they used to be. When all the bands formed together, had a plan, and put it into action. They were able to get Crown the Empire out of they way, and the tour back to the way it was before, when it was fun.

After Crown the Empire left, Capture the Crown and The Hectic Glow took over as the new head bands. Everyone figured it would be better to have two bands instead of one, so there was more discussion on what was going to happen. Soon after, the bands started to grow more miserable at festivals, because they were packing on a lot more dates than any of the other bands were used to. Everyone was tired most of time, and wanted more breaks, but they weren’t given the breaks.

Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

My other theme that I chose was, “Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other”. After awhile, all the bands started to kind of separate from hoe long they have been playing at the Music Festival. The bands that have been the longest, the ones that have been there for a few years, and the new bands, or as everyone calls them the rookies. The older bands started to take roll of upper class and the bands that have been there for a few years and the rookies, were in the lower class. The older bands would make the lower class play more shows than them, and do more of the set up and take down jobs.



My mankind will represent the bands that are more of the popular bands, based on there ratings and how many people show up to shows, buy merch, and buy records.


My Mr.Jones will be the band, Crown the Empire, whom out of all the bands that play at the festival, are the most popular and sold the most records, etc. Crown the Empire will represent how bossy and controlling Mr.Jones was. Crown the Empire only allows minimal breaks, only enough to give them enough energy to play onstage everyday.


My pigs will be shown as the older bands, whom have been there the longest. Whom are most familiar with the festival and how it runs.

Old Major

My Old Major will be Green Day, whom have been there the longest, and has the best advice on almost everything.


My Napoleon will be Capture the Crown, they are almost exactly like Crown the Empire. They take over once The Hectic Glow get ran out. They are cruel people, who were mostly grumpy.


My Snowball will be The Hectic Glow, who out of the rest of the upper class bands were happier and they were very street smart. They wanted all the bands to be happy and have a grand time. Capture the Crown ran them out of the festival, because they wanted things to be completely under their rule.


My Squealer will be Capture the Crown’s manger, Bob, who is just as cruel, selfish, and soulless as his band. He helps in every way he possibly can to make sure Capture the Crown stays in power and don’t get questioned. Bob has a extremely good way with words, and how to turn a story around.


My horses will be the bands that have only played the festival twice, who know about pretty much nothing when it comes to the festival. Besides how to play.


My boxer will be Ghost Town, this is there second year playing. They play as hard as they can and as best as they can at every performance. They just do whatever Capture the Crown says.


My dogs will be the rookies of the festivals, who just want to do whatever they can to stay at the festival. Since they are rookies, they didn’t really have much background on the festival.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My animal farm will be the big cities on the United Kingdom.

The Farmhouse

My farm house will be where the first show of every year is, Essex, England.


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