Animal Farm:My Persuasive Essay

What is a leader? A leader is person who guides or inspires others.  Both Snowball and Napoleon were leaders, but Snowball could’ve been a better leader. Snowball would’ve been the better leader because he wanted to educate the animals, he was caring, and honest. Napoleon on the other hand was a manipulator , a trader, and a liar. Even though, Napoleon was the leader Snowball would’ve been better because he wanted to educate the animals.

Snowball would’ve been a better leader because he wanted to educate the animals. Snowball was trying to follow in Old Major’s foot steps. Snowball thought of all the ways to help the farm out. They made up the seven commandments. In the commandments all animals were equal. Snowball was treating the animals right. He was trying to teach the animals how to read and write.

Snowball was caring. He looked at the animals the same way Old Major did. To him they all should be equal and treated fairly by each other. Snowball gave the animals what they deserved. Snowball came up with the windmill to help Animal Farm out. He showed the animals how to respect one another. Snowball made sure all of the animals were safe and well taken care of. Even with them rebelling against the humans, Snowball made sure the animals ate.

He was also very honest. Him being honest got him ran off Animal Farm by Napoleon’s dogs. Napoleon was a manipulator he let the power get to his head. While Snowball was being honest with animals, Napoleon was lying and filling their heads up with junk. Snowball was like a treat to Napoleon. Snowball was like a threat because he was right and was doing  the right thing. Snowball being ran off of Animal Farm caused Napoleon to become leader. When he took over the animals were working hard and not eating. They didn’t realize that Napoleon was using them because he was using Snowball as a scapegoat. Even with Snowball off Animal Farm he was still helping the animals out.

In conclusion, Snowball would’ve been a better leader because he wanted to educate the animals , he cared for them, and he was honest. He didn’t let the power get to him. Even though he was run off the farm he still managed to help the animals, after they turned their backs on him. Snowball respected the animals in the way they should have been respected. Unlike Napoleon treating them like dirt and him living the luxury life. You have to watch out for people you trust because they could just be using you.





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