Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay

“And the moral to the story is”… Every story or riddle has an allegory, but few people fail to pick the most evident one. In Animal Farm, there’s more than one message, but the most obvious one is that education is important to a society. You can find the allegory to Animal Farm by observing Snowballs, Napoleons, and Boxers actions. No matter how many times you read Animal Farm, the most obvious allegory will always be educations is critical for a society. Out all the different message education is most important and main one.

Snowball is the pig who challenges Napoleon for control. Snowball is intelligent passionate and appears less devious then Napoleon. Snowball shows several examples that education is helpful and important for instants.Snowball was smart enough to figure out the ribbon on Molly symbolized she was a slave. However Molly was stubborn and like to be swallowed by humans. A few days later, she was taken by a man who gave her sugar cubes. Another example of snowballs importance of his education was how he knew none of the animals could read or comprehend well, So he reduce the principle of animalism 7 key commandments.  This was so animals could understand their society. Finally, as another example when the animals are becoming low on food, he sends them to the fields for the summer to begin harvesting. All of these are examples of education and intelligent. Without this is the animals would have starved, attractive, and compromised.

Napoleon is a pig who becomes a leader by his deceitful and cruel mind games after the rebellion. Even though he is more treacherous than snowball, he is educated. One sign of education for Napoleon was when he takes baby puppies from their mothers and raises them as guard dogs. Even though this was cruel, it was smart. Another sign of education was when he starts to support communism by lashing the hens rebellion he cuts off their food supply and several of them die. Again this is cruel, but smart.   Finally a sign of intelligence was when he forces the animals to tell lies about themselves before they die and makes them afraid to tell the truth.

Boxer is The dedicated horse. He doesn’t have much education, but his loyalty and strength are amazing. Boxer shows several examples when having and education would have been useful and important. First when he figures the pigs have moved into the farmhouse, boxer figured something was supposed suspicious, but didn’t have the brains, so he just said “Napoleon is always right” (that was his motto). Another example was when all the animals were debating if they wanted Jones back. Boxer couldn’t think, so he just said Napoleon is always right. Finally, when Napoleon told them about what snowballed did boxer seemed shocked in trouble, so he just ignored the situation and said Napoleon is always right having an education he would have seen all these deceitful tricks and lies.

Having an education for your society is extremely important. Although Snowball and  Napoleon weren’t on the same page, they both did have education causing animal farm to grow for better or worse. Boxer was an example to show what would happen if you had no education at all. The obvious allegory to animal farm is that education is important for a society education it expands your knowledge physically and mentally.

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