My Animal Farm


A professional soccer team in Spain is experiencing some problems with the player contracts. The team is one of the top teams and the players work very hard but do not get rewarded. The players are worked very hard at practice. They all listen to the coaches and go along with all of the presidents decisions. The players have families to go home to but are constantly too tired to interact with their families. They perform very well but the president refuses to raise their pay when they renew their contracts.

The players along with the manager and coaches talk among themselves and want to overthrow their president and run their own club. The players planned for many months. They waited to see if anything changed but nothing happened. The captain of the team was the one who came up with the idea. He called meetings to talk with the players, manager, and coaches about the situation. The captain of the team was almost thirty-five years old. He was one of the most valued players around but the president was pushing him to retire. Soon the captain retired and was never heard from again. There was no honorary ceremony for him he was just sent off.

Soon after the captains retirement the players, coaches, and managers rebelled against the president. He was fired and sent off. The players were excited to get a pay raise. The manager took control as the leaders of the club. The players and coaches followed all the managers orders but they ended up working more. The manager didn’t do any work and gave him self liberties. The team overall was better. The players and coaches where being worked harder and did not get paid as much either. This shows the themes “Manipulating Language/Messages helps Control The Ignorant” and “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other”.


Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other

After overthrowing the President the manager took control of the club. The manager did not improve the conditions of the players or the coaches. The manager is the one who makes most of the decisions on the team. They are more educated than the players or the coaches. They make the decisions and control the others. The players are only focused on one task which is playing the game. The coaches who are below the coach just focus on training the players. They take all the orders from the manager and do exactly what he says and they do not question it. The manager knows that players do not know about the different contract deals and the exchanges. The managers also know that the coaches will believe and do whatever the manager says. The manager knows this and takes advantage of the coaches and players. He gives himself more money and luxury. He tricks the players and coaches into signing bad contracts that actually give them less money.

Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control The Ignorant

The manager manipulated the the players and coaches by wording the contracts in specific ways. The players didn’t know any better and went along with it. Since the coaches and players are ignorant to different things the manager is able to control them easier. They do not know enough to argue. Though manipulating language does help control the ignorant it isn’t always good. Since the players didn’t know enough to know that they were being cheated they couldn’t figure out that the contracts they were signing were benefiting the manager the most and actually worse than when the president was ruling.



In my animal farm mankind is represented by the president of the football club and FIFA(Federal International Football Association).  He controls everyone and makes all the decisions. He pushes everyone to work very hard and they get little or no reward like the humans did to the animals. All the rest of the staff and players do not like him and plan to overthrow him. FIFA is a big part too because they are the ones who allow him to keep his position.

Mr. Jones

He is represented as the president himself. He overworks the players and staff. He does not pay them enough either. He is the main cause for the players and staff to want to rebel.


The pigs are represented as the manager and some of the other lower managers. They are the smartest of the staff. They usually make decisions about who starts at the games and player contract negotiations. Compared to the other staff they are almost as intellectual as the higher ups.  They also include the captain of the team who had a very deep understanding of the structure of the football club.

Old Major

Old Major is represented as the captain of the team. He is the oldest and greatest of the players. He actually understands that what the president is doing is unfair. He calls the meetings and forms the idea of over throwing the president. He is coming close to retirement age. When he retires there is no ceremony for him he just simply leaves. Even though he was a great player the president saw the players as disposable.


Napoleon is represented as the head manager of the team. He made all the decisions such as what players would be on the starting lineup and such. After the rebellion he took supreme power and seeded out all the other managers. He will do anything to get power. He uses various propaganda techniques to take control of the coaches and players.


Snowball is represented as the fitness manager. He makes sure that the players are healthy and fit to play. The animals appreciate their fitness manager and the head manager sees him as a threat. The head manager uses propaganda to convince the players and coaches that the fitness manager was bad and ultimately gets him fired.


Squealer is represented as the equipment manager. He is very persuasive. He teams up with the head manager. The head manager uses him to persuade the coaches and players to believe various things. Everyone is persuaded because they are not as informed.


The horses represent the players. They work very hard and follow all the orders given to them. They are not the most informed. The best thing they do is play the game of football. They are being taken advantage by the managers. They are worked very hard and not being paid enough. Since the managers know they are not very smart they take advantage of them. The managers persuade them to sign different contracts that ultimately give them less pay and more work.


Boxer is represent as the center midfielder. He is one of the most hard working people on the field. He runs back and forth. He helps out on offense and runs all the way back to help the defense. He is a very valuable player for both the offense and defense. He is not one of the most smart players but they admire him for his hard work and skill.


The dogs are represented as the coaches. All they do is follow the head managers orders. They train the players and also enforce the various contracts. They do all the dirty work for the managers.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The animal farm is represented by the clubs stadium where they play their games and hold practices. Their daily life basically goes around the stadium. They have their locker rooms there. They also hold practices and eat their meals there sometimes too.

The Farmhouse

This is the presidents visiting villa. It is very luxuries and has many rooms. After the president is overthrown the managers start living in it. They eat lavish food and enjoy the luxury usually while the players sweat and work on the soccer field.




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