My Animal Farm: Symbolic Representations


My Animal Farm is a school of fish, diverse in species and personality. The school of fish live near a coral reef, where they live off of bacteria and plankton they can find around the reef.


Theme 1

Theme one is that education is important for society. I will explore this theme by showing that the guppies, my representation of the sheep, lack the knowledge necessary to realize they’re being controlled and bossed around.

Theme 2

My second theme is that humans will split into different classes and one class will take advantage of the other. This is shown by my Mr. Jones, a great white shark, being overthrown, then the tuna replacing his spot as leader.



In my Animal Farm the humans are shown by great white sharks. The sharks rule over schools of fish, and generally are in charge of the system in my coral reef environment.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is represented by the great white shark, Shark the Great. Shark the Great ruled over the reef for many years until the tuna and eventually all the fish in the school overthrow Shark the Great.


The pigs are represented by tuna, the smartest fish in the school. They first start the revolution, and eventually rule the reef afterwards.

Old Major

Old Major is represented by Ol’ Fishy. Ol’ Fishy is the tuna that predicted the revolt against Shark the Great, but dies before this actually happens.


Napoleon is represented by Great Fish Fish. Great Fish Fish was instrumental in overthrowing Shark the Great, and he replaced Shark the Great as the prominent dictator on the reef.


Snowball is represented by Fish the Saboteur. Fish the Saboteur was named as such due to Great Fish Fish rewriting his history to fit in with the new reef’s preference.


Squealer is represented by Fish the Idiot. Fish the Idiot earned his name by being rather stupid for a tuna, although the guppies still would think he is a genius. Fish the Idiot went around telling people about Great Fish Fish’s accomplishments, making people believe his propaganda.


Horses are represented by a swordfish and a goldfish. Horses generally are good for supporting their government and can enable the government to keep going.


Boxer is represented by a swordfish. The swordfish isn’t very smart, but he can definitely gather more food around the reef than any other fish living on the reef.


The dogs are represented by piranhas. The piranhas were brought in as a secret squad to serve Great Fish Fish, protecting from all who wanted to do him harm of any kind.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal/Manor Farm is represented by the reef. The reef has many plankton and bacteria to eat and the school of fish living there have a sustainable food source in their environment.

The Farmhouse

My farmhouse is represented by an anemone, a very luxurious place for a fish to live, and it is only big enough for one fish and a few of his companions. The fish who occupies it is first Shark the Great, then when he is overthrown, Great Fish Fish resides in the anemone, along with some of his piranha bodyguards.

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