My Animal Farm


Alcatraz was occupied by several prisoners who refused to conform  to the rules and regulations at other federal institutions. Alcatraz was designed to teach inmates to follow rules and regulations of the prison, but Robert Stroud started rebelling against the prison officials. Robert Stroud was called the Birdman because he bred more than three hundred birds in his cell. The birds flocked throughout the prison to represent freedom. Robert Stroud later died of natural causes, but his representation of freedom lived on. Between the 1950′s through the 1960′s, Al Capone and George ” Machine Gun” Kelly after five years showed no opposed threat and followed the rules, but once the prison officials felt the men were no threat, George and Al Capone murdered all the prison officials with a flock of birds and freed all men behind bars. George and Al Capone became leaders of Alcatraz since their criminal records showed their capability of making a person wish they were dead. As the years went by, George Kelly was a threat towards Al Capone because George had more prisoners under his command. Al Capone knew he had to kill George if he wanted power and control of all prisons in California. Al Capone smothered George in his sleep with a pillow, so the incident looked like he died of natural causes. After George’s death, Al Capone was leader. Eventually, Al Capone took advantage of his power and was a tyrant more than a leader which split the prisoners into two classes. Now, both of the examples tells us two things. First, “Ideologies of Liberation often lead to Tyrannies”. Second, “Humans will split into different classes… and one class will take advantage of the other.” In the version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Napoleon did the same thing and manipulated the animals for his own benefits, but he gave the pigs more freedom. This gave me the idea of creating a wicked and immoral story that relates to power is not always good.


Humans will split into different classes… and one class will take advantage of the other

In this situation, Al Capone killing George “Machine Gun” Kelly gave him an opportunity of receiving all the power and control over all the prisons of California. Though him getting all the power, Al Capone took advantage of the power to receive wealth and riches for himself. This situation split the prison into two. The first class is mostly thieves and drug dealers who were mindless and only useful for labor work. The second class is computer hacker, scammers, and first/second degree murderers. The second class are more important to Al Capones. The computer hackers are able to hack into the system for financial needs and networks that conduct businesses. The scammers are similar to the computer hackers, but they contact people to get access to personal information and contact other prisons from their cellular tower for food and materials. First and second degree murderers are more like an army to protect and serve Al Capone, but most are used for labor work.

Ideologies of Liberation often lead to Tyrannies

After Al Capone murdered George Kelly, he started leading the prisoners and gained power, but he took advantage of the power. Al Capone being a leader gave the prisoners some trust and loyalty towards him, but Al Capone being so cruel and sneaky towards his people, he was able to manipulate them to think his technique of leadership is the right way.



In my animal farm, Al Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly represent mankind. Both of these men created the rebellion by executing all the prison officials and freeing all prisoners. Although, Al Capone betrayed George and gained power, but he later abused his power and became very cruel and manipulative towards the prisoners.

Mr. Jones

In my animal farm, Kirk Staggers represents Mr. Jones. Kirk Staggers was the drunken warden of the prison who only used his time abusing men by beating them to death with whips and chains or sending them to “The Hole” were they are left for days with no food and water or a bed to sleep. When Al Capone and George Kelly created the rebellion, Kirk was tied up with rope and pushed at edge of Alcatraz Island.


The computer hackers/scammers represents the pigs. They are the most valuable people to Al Capone. The computer hackers/scammers are able to contact the outside world and bring in finances and goods.

Old Major

In my animal farm, Robert “Birdman” Stroud represents Old Major. Robert Stroud was a 73 year old prisoner who have seen the abuse the other prisoners have experienced. Robert Stroud was called the Birdman because he bred more than three hundred birds and freed them in the prison to represent freedom. Eventually, Robert Stroud died of natural causes, but his representation of freedom lived on and created the rebellion.


Al Capone represents Napoleon. Beginning in the 1920′s, Al Capone had mastered the art of politics, but was a powerful and wealthy gangster. Despite him being a gangster, Al Capone became a good political figure who made daily trips to the City Hall. Al Capone often embarrassed the city officials with his political strengths. However, the public accused him of murdering a young prosecutor named Billy McSwiggin. The young prosecutor blamed Capone with the violent murder of a gang member. Al Capone was about to go on trial for the murder of Billy McSwiggin, but went into hiding. After a month of hiding, Al Capone turned himself in and was sentenced to Alcatraz for life. Even though Al Capone was sentenced to life in prison, his life wasn’t horrible. Al Capone was good at manipulating people. He was able to convince the prison guards to work for him. They upgraded his cell with expensive furnishing, carpeting, wallpaper, and even a radio. Al Capone lived in paradise and he wanted to feel the power again after the rebellion. Eventually, Al Capone murdered George Kelly who helped him with the rebellion to gain all power and control all the prisoners.


George “Machine Gun” Kelly represents Snowball. George Kelly was the most famous gangster of San Francisco. George nickname was Machine Gun because George married Kathryn Thorne, who was arrested for robbery and prostitution, pressured him to use a machine gun that became his most valuable weapon. Eventually, George and Kathryn were both arrested for the murder of Charles Urschels and robbery. Kelly and Kathryn were separated once Kelly was sentenced to Alcatraz for 28 years. After the rebellion, Kelly was nothing more than a friend to Al Capone and betrayed by his loyalty.


Henri Young who is a 21 year old former military man represents Squealer. Henri Young is like Al Capone’s sidekick. Since Henri was a former soldier, he knows where the prisoners can get access to weapons and vehicles which is Al Capone priority.


The thieves/drug dealers represents the horses. Because the thieves/ drug dealers are clueless of them all, they are more useless and convinced Napoleon is a good leader, and are only reliable for labor work.


Roy Garner represents Boxer. Roy Garner was a first degree murderer of his wife and two children. Roy Garner was a first lieutenant of the US Army. After Roy Garner came from war, he thought his wife cheated on him when he found another man’s clothing in the hamper which made him kill his wife and two children out of frustration. At Alcatraz, Roy Garner is the strongest out of all the prisoners, yet unintelligent. Roy Garner suffered from brain trauma which affected his verbal communication and made him more vulnerable to get manipulated by Al Capone.


The first and second degree murderers represents the dogs. The murderers are more like the protectors who help serve and protect Al Capone.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

In my animal farm, the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California surrounded by water represents the Manor Farm. In 1906, Former military prisoners built a new prison on Alcatraz Island which became a federal prison for dangerous men.

The Farmhouse

In my animal farm, Alcatraz represents the farmhouse. This is where the prisoners live and Al Capone divides the prison into two divided classes. The upper class are the computer hackers, scammers, and murderers who are valuable to Al Capone for his benefits. The lower class are clueless thieves and drug dealers who are easily manipulated.

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