My Animal Farm


A small restaurant called California’s Waffle House in Anaheim, California has been having trouble with business for the last past 2 years. The restaurants workers are underpaid and overworked. The restaurant isn’t earning enough to pay its  many employs who are working hard day and night to make money for their families. And soon, the employs are angered by how little they are receiving for working so hard.They find it almost impossible to support themselves and their family with such a low pay.

After being sick and tired of putting up with harsh work and low pay, a few workers,who are eager for change, stand up against the owner of California’s Waffle House. They plan to overthrow the owner and restore peace and prosperity. They spread their ideas of rebellion to the other employs and as they do so, more and more people stand up against the owner. Soon they are able to overthrow the owner.

After overthrowing the owner of California’s Waffle House, the employs think everything will be peaceful and equal. However, they are terribly wrong. Things become worse and worse as days pass. The more clever, educated male workers take control of the restaurant and claim that everything they do is for the better of the restaurant although that is not the case. With the more clever and higher payed male workers taking control, the female workers and other uneducated workers are forced to work twice as hard and payed much less than before. And because the employs are uneducated and not as smart as those who control them, they believe that whatever they are doing is for the better of the restaurant. This exemplifies the themes “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Will Take Advantage Of The Other” and “Education Is Important For Society”, which are both themes from George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. This novel of George Orwell will be used as a frame to explore these themes in different ways with a different setting and conflict.


Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other

After overthrowing the owner, the more clever, educated male workers take control of the restaurant causing all the workers to split into two different groups: the educated male workers and the uneducated or female workers. From these two groups, the group of educated male workers takes advantage of the other group forcing them to work harder and longer. Also, because the smart worker have taken control, they receive more money than those working harder. This supports the theme “Humans Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other”, which is also shown in the novel Animal Farm when the pigs take control over the rest of the animals and receive more food and luxury than the rest of the animals who work harder.

Education Is Important For Society

The Uneducated workers of California’s Waffle House are easily tricked into believing that whatever the male workers in control decide and do is for the better of the restaurant because they are not as clever and smart as the educated, leading male workers. They work harder and accept low pay because they aren’t educated enough to know better and rebel against those in charge. The uneducated workers accept everything as it is because they aren’t able to form logical reasoning for how they are treated. This shows that education is important for society because without it one cannot fight or argue for his or her rights causing the more educated to take control. This theme is also shown in the Animal Farm where the only real educated animals were the pigs. And so, the other animals, who were uneducated, believed everything they were told by the pigs. For example they believed that Snowball was a traitor simply because they were told so by the pigs.



In my animal farm, mankind is represented by the owner and his family who helps run California’s Waffle House. The owner and his family represent mankind because they are the ones who pushed their workers to work really hard while paying them very little. They are considered the enemy.

Mr. Jones

The owner of California’s Waffle House represents Mr. Jones because he overworks and underpays his workers. Also he is the reason for the rebellion. Because he treated his employs so badly, they overthrew him in hope of gaining freedom from his harsh treatment towards his workers.


In my animal farm, the pigs are represented by the more clever, educated group of male workers. These workers were the ones who rose up and gained control of the other workers. Because they were more educated, these male workers got what they wanted from the uneducated workers.

Old Major

A old wise worker named Ben, who died a little before the rebellion, represents Old Major. Ben was the one who came up with the idea of rebelling against the harsh owner of California’s Waffle House. He gathered all the employs and shared to them his idea of overthrowing the owner. He told the workers how life would be without having to work for such a cruel owner.


Napoleon is represented by Cassian. A little after the rebellion, a very clever male worker named Cassian, who was quite fond with the idea of power, claimed himself as the new leader or owner of the restaurant. Of all the workers, Cassian worked the least and received the most. Cassian wanted absolute power and control over the restaurant, so he used many successful propaganda techniques to chase away his one threat to power: his younger brother.


Cassian’s younger brother Corbin represents Snowball. Corbin is kind and wants the best for the workers. He is liked far better than the Cassian by the other workers. However, Cassian finds Corbin is a threat to his power as the new owner , so he uses propaganda to make the other workers hate Corbin and believe he is a traitor working for the previous owner.


A very educated male worker named Timothy represents Squealer. Timothy is known for being very persuasive and is used by Cassian to spread propaganda and convince the workers of how things are better after the rebellion. Timothy explains everything that happens in a way that makes Cassian seem like a great owner and Corbin seem like a traitor. Everyone believes Timothy because they are uneducated and don’t know any better.


The horses are represented by the female and uneducated workers. These poor uneducated workers are the most hardworking yet least paid. They are the ones who run the whole restaurants and because they are uneducated or female, they are paid a lot less than the educated male workers. Also, they believe whatever Cassian says because they don’t know any better.


In my Animal Farm, Lenny represents boxer. Lenny is the most hardworking employ in California’s Waffle House. He puts all his effort in any work he does and wants to do whatever he can to make the restaurant better. However, he isn’t educated at all, so he accepts everything without questioning it. And because of this, he isn’t paid nearly as much as he should be.


The dogs in my animal farm are represented by the 4 strong people who are there just to serve Cassian. These 4 are always around Cassian to provide him with protection and any other personal service. They also are the ones Cassian goes to for doing his dirty work. Cassian used them to get rid of his brother Corbin.


 The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

California’s Waffle House represents The Animal Farm or Manor Farm because this is where the rebellion happened and this is where everything takes place.

The Farmhouse

The office that belonged to the owner of California’s Waffle House represents the farmhouse because that was one place that nobody was allowed in except the owner and it belonged completely to him. And after the rebellion, the office was used by the educated male workers as a luxury while the uneducated workers worked.


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