My Animal Farm


My animal farm will take place in a zoo. It has no specific name everyone calls it zoo, and when you walk in the building it says zoo really big. When the zoo first opened there was almost 1000 animals now there’s only a few hundred left. The audience of course thinks that the animals are being shipped off to different zoos but really they’re dying. The workers soon realize that this zoo secretly test drugs on their animals. Instead of caring for the animals and loving them the owners of the zoo just want money and power. The zoo has a secret organization that test their products on animals for money.

Furious with anger and hate the workers team up to shut down this operation. The workers reached out to their local community and asked for help. Their community was delightful to help, but they also had their own priorities so saving the zoo was not number one on their to-do list. Given the fact that the community had other things on their agenda they didn’t try as hard as they could’ve to save the zoo leaving the workers to work 2x harder. The community starts missing meeting, stops attending fundraisers, and leaves all the physical work to the works. Their excuse every time was they have a life. This is an example of the theme “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other.” The community knows that saving the zoo is more important to the workers than them so they just take advantage of their love for the zoo and uses this desire to save the zoo. With education the workers use their knowledge to build more and more on their situation. This theme is called “Education Is Important For Society.” Animal Farm uses both of these themes to shape the outlook of the story because the animals are being abused\use by someone and they uses the educational skills to grow better and look for better things in their society.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

In Animal Farm they exercised Animalism but when a new leader started to form and a hierarchy was slowly created  the power was kurupted once again. In the zoo everybody was supposed to play a certain role to perform certain goals. however, the community decided to use the workers compassion and love for the animals as an advantage to make them do all the work. Meanwhile the the secret organization has been receiving alerts that someones on to them so they send in a undercover manager to use propaganda to lead the workers into doing wrong things but somehow i their heads its for the right reasons.

Education is Important for Society

After the guy comes in he doubles the workers hours. Now the workers rarely have free time to try and disable the organization. The can’t quit because then they won’t have any evidence to destroy them without any access to the zoo . Like Napeoplen uses death as his recognition the manager uses unemployment if they workers were late or didn’t show they would be fired. The manger education skills were beyond anyone’s in the town he was so smart he could manipulate anything.



In relation to Animal Farm, my Mankind are the workers who believe that testing drugs on animals are wrong. These workers think there are other ways you have a popular zoo and still make lots of money. The workers symbolize the animals on the farm, who are tired of being abused by the humans.

Mr. Jones

Mr.Jones is in the secret organization, but he use to work at the zoo like workers . His name is James Bond. He join the organization for money, he needed for his family. Every animal at the zoo had insurance so once on died there would twice as much money as they paid for it in the long run. However if the drug was successful and did not kill the animals they would put it on the market and receive 10x as much as they paid for the animal so it was always a win-win. James soon had enough to feed his family for 30 years but got so greedy and caught up the money he was fired and lost everything.


The pigs were the so called “education” in Animal Farm. In my animal the pigs are the community because they use the educational skills to get all the workers to do their part in helping the zoo. The pigs defeated the plan of animalism and turned it into communism. The community did the same thing they turned working together as a team into you guys work while we sit down.

Old Major

Old Major is the oldest pig in Animal Farm he was really wise to he knew about the secret program but passed away before he could try and stop it. Before he died he told the workers that it would be his dying wish if they destroyed this organization. Old major names was Drake Kindell he was the biggest influence on the workers he had been working the almost his whole life.


In Animal Farm Napoleon was the kurupted leader who deceived everyone using his on techniques of propaganda. In my Animal Farm the new manager is the  is Napoleon. His name is Berry Blue. Berry makes the employees so they no time to look into the secret organization.Berry made this seem like it had to be done otherwise the zoo would close ( which was a lie) he did everything he could to keep the workers away from the truth.


Snowball was the peacemaker in animal farm all he wanted was to keep animalism and peace. In my animal farm snowball is this guy name Kevin Thai. Berry told the workers that Kevin was a trader and giving information to the organization. This is just like when Napoleon told the animals that Snowball was  a trade so they would turn against him.


Squealer was the “mole” in Animal Farm and is in my story too! Just like Animal Farm Squealer was feeding the organization information. Berry accused Kevin of being the rat when really it was Squealer. Squealer name was Bernie McDouble.


The horses were the strenght in the community, literally. Even though the horses weren’t so bright in educational that did what they were told with no problem never disobeyed orders and just worked hard at everything, their strength was amazing as well!


In Animal Farm Boxers motto was ” I will always work harder ” and “Napoleon is always right” is my Animal Farm Boxer name is Josh Book and his motto is “The Boss is always right”  and ” I will get a raise” Josh isn’t that smart but loves what he does and does it well. Hes been working at the zoo for a while but doesn’t realize which sides he’s on,  he doesn’t want to be the middle.


The dogs are the new employes that Berry has been personality training in case the workers try to rebel against him. In Animal Farm Napoleon took the dogs and trained them to be his army.


Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Manor Farm takes place at a zoo. This is where workers no longer want to the secret organization to exist. this organization killed animals with drug test. to the workers this was torture because they loved and cared for these animals so much it was describe as a animal crusade.

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse was like the final destination it was were the the workers, the community, and anyones desires were finally true. This place was reality but known as the escape.

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