My Animal Farm: Symbolic Representations


My version of Animal Farm is a community of people who are stranded on a beautiful unknown island after a plane crash. A doctor and his wife immediately become the leaders of the group of survivors. As time goes on, the other people realize that the doctor and his wife get treated better than everyone else. The doctor is the main leader and he uses his wife as his helper. The doctor and his wife tell the others that since they have had training for emergency situations like this , they need the best supplies and the best resources. They take more food and water in exchange for taking care of the injured. The people planed to kill doctor and his wife. After a couple days went by they did.  Then, a 2 cashiers and a lady takes over. They is very greedy and mean. The people soon realize that they are not helping them .but they are  making them worse. They steals things from other people, claiming that since they are smarter , they should be in charge and have the best things so that they can continue to lead and live comfortably in exchange for their leading and keeping order.

My Animal Farm and the other  Animal Farm  have a somethings  in common. In both, there is a group of people that is left without a leader. In both, a new leader emerges, but ends up not making better, but they make them worse. This is an example of the theme that humans will split into different classes and one will take advantage of the other. In Animal Farm and on the beautiful island, when there is no leader, a new one emerges to takes all the power. This is examples of how ideologies of liberation often lead to tyrannies. In both cases, the peoples’ freedom is ended by  a tyranny caused by  that the people are convinced by the leaders that if the leaders are in charge things will get better. In Animal Farm, Napoleon does this and on the island the cashier convinced everyone that he knew how to keep everything in order, so the people should listen to him.


Theme 1: Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

In my version of Animal Farm, the people kill the original leaders because they got better treatment. The people hope that without them they could  can all be equal. This is a false because soon after they were killed , someone new takes over. And the new leader is even worse than the last leaders.

Theme 2:Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

In my version of Animal Farm, the cashier promises to keep everything in order and make sure that their lives better while people get used to life without the leaders, but he slowly takes more and more from the others. Until, he has full power and doesn’t have to do anything but control others.



In my Animal Farm, mankind are the doctor and his wife. They didn’t  contribute much ,but they had power like the pigs. They also had better things than everyone else and didn’t do as much work as everyone else.

Mr . Jones

Mr . Jones is the doctor. Both characters have control at the beginning. They both take from others and don’t contribute much  in return. Neither one really cares about the people whom they are taking advantage of.


The pigs are the 2 cashier and the lady. Both the pigs and the cashiers are greedy and controlling. They gain power without the others really noticing


Napoleon is cashier 1. Cashier 1 is greedy and controlling. He, along with cashier 2 and the lady, takes over after the people go against the former leaders. He is similar to Napoleon because he is greedy, powerful, and he gets rid of cashier 2 like Napoleon got rid of Snowball.


Snowball and cashier 2 are similar because they both gain control after the original leaders are killed, they both don’t plan to make decisions all by themselves, and they both are forced from power by someone that wants absolute power.


Squealer and the lady are similar. They both work for the leaders and have better lives than other people. Also, they both help convince others that the leader is only trying to do what is best for the people even though it is not true.


 The Animal Farm

The beautiful island full of plane crash survivors represents my Animal Farm. The island is where the people go against each other happens and they tyranny starts to occur.

The Farmhouse

The wrecked plane  is the farmhouse because it is the best shelter on the island since it is already built and made out of metal.


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