My Animal Farm


My Animal Farm takes place in a Drug Rehab Center In LosAngeles,California. The patients do not like the owner of the Rehab because he is mean, sneaky, and unfair. The owner is charging the patients too much money to stay at the rehab. The patients are going broke and some don’t have much money to buy their medicine. The patients are sick of paying so much money and they want to rebel against the owner.  The Patients hire two professional lawyers to  help them rebel against him. Their names are Snowball and Napoleon. Napoleon and Snowball have different ideas of making the Rehab better. Snowball believes that the patients should be able to manage their money and give the owner a fair amount of the money they have. They thought Napoleon would be on their side  but Napoleon think the patients should give the owner the amount he ask for. Napoleon was too hard on Snowball and he asked to handle another problem instead of theirs because he was tired of Napoleon. So now Napoleon’s ideas were used, the patients were mad and sad.

The themes I want explore are,”Ideologies Of Liberation Often Lead To Tyrannies”  and “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes .. And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other”. I would like to use these themes because  I want to show how people manipulate and play unfair with others. These themes will explain my whole plot in My Animal Farm.


Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies 

My first theme is that “Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies.” In my Animal Farm, the first supposed discharge comes when the patients get the two lawyers to make the owner leave. The patients wanted to hire two lawyers because they believed they would get the owner out and they will find someone better. Even one of them will find better ideas for the patients to live there. Snowball thought he could make a fair decision with Napoleon. Napoleon was being mean and evil to Snowball. Napoleon did sneaky and weird things to Snowball. So, Napoleon just wanted Snowball off the farm fast. So, Napoleon got his friends to rn Snowball off the Rehab Center. Napoleon works on the case by himself. The patients were very sad and they wanted to leaver. So, the patients were broke and they had to start working. Napoleon didn’t care nor the owner. The patients realized nothing changed.

Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other

My send theme is that “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other.” In my Animal Farm, the patients didn’t like that the owner was taking a large amount of money from out of their bank account. They asked about it to the owner but no changes were being made. So, they hired two lawyers and they didn’t help. They made everything worse.



My Mankind is the Owner. The mankind is the person who has control and authority in the beginning of the Animal Farm. The patients complain to the owner but he ignores them. When the patients complained the owner didn’t get fired. Napoleon took charge and Snowball couldn’t take Napoleon’s ignorance so Snowball left.


My Mr.Jones is  The Owner. The Owner wants  all of the patients money.  He didn’t about how the patients felt, he made decisions on his own. In my Animal Farm, The Owner is mean, ignorant and selfish.Just as Mr.Jones was run off by the animals, The Owner was fired.


My Pigs are the doctors at the Rehab. These doctors know more about the medicine and care that the patients need. They can give the patients anything and the patients won’t know what it is. So, they can possibly manipulate the patients.

Old Major

My Old Major is the oldest patient at the Drug Rehab. His name is Robert Earl. He is 51 years old. He is almost done with the Rehab center. One day he calls out a meeting to all the patients about the owner not being fair with their money. They want the owner gone or someone to help the owner make better decisions.


Napoleon is one of the lawyers.  He was suppose to help the patients with their money problems.  He actually didn’t he made them worse. He also made Snowball leave by being mean and sneaky towards him. He began to trick Snowball and do sneaky things to him. Napoleon got his friends to chase Snowball off the farm.


Snowball is the second lawyer. Snowball is the lawyer that wants to help the patients and be on their side. Napoleon doesn’t care about the patients opinion he was never on their side. Napoleon doesn’t like the idea of them giving a fair pay. The controversy between the two start. This resulted to Snowball running away.


My Squealer is one of the third oldest patients. Squealer teams up with Napoleon and convince the other patients that Napoleon’s ideas were better. This patient made sure to be on Napoleon’s good side so he wouldn’t be in the mix of getting in trouble or anything.


The Horses are the teenagers at the Rehab. They don’t actually know what’s going on. They are very lost. They can easily be tricked because they don’t always know right from wrong. They are there to get over their addiction.


My Boxer is a 16 yr old girl. She doesn’t care about the difficulties going on with the owner and the patients. She is just worried about getting better and leaving the Rehab to become a better person.


My Dogs are Napoleon’s friends. They believe everything Napoleon says. Napoleon makes decisions for them.  He seems to find away to make his friends think that he is always right. They begin to do sneaky and tricky things to Snowball.


My Animal Farm/ Manor Farm

My Animal Farm is a Drug Rehabilitation Center. I chose a Drug Rehab because there are many ways to seek into problems financially or socially. This gives a setting in people manipulating and using people for more power.

The Farm House

My Farm House is the owner’s office. This is the place where all the choices, ideas, and decisions are made and thought of at on the financial issues. Snowball and Napoleon works in the office together. At the end, Napoleon becomes the owner and has the office all to himself.

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