My Animal Farm


My Animal Farm takes place in a modern day Catholic school in the U.S.A. The students do not like the lunch lady because she is cruel and gives the kids garbage to eat. The students try giving her ideas on what to make for them, but it doesn’t work and she continues to serve them garbage. The students decide to complain to the principal and he fires her. Then the principal decides to hire two new lunch guys named Snowball and Napoleon, but Napoleon and Snowball have different ideas on what they should serve the children. Snowball insists that they serve them things they like, but have fruit and veggie with it as well. While Napoleon only wants to serve them chili and noodles every single day. Then one day Napoleon hires his friends from his neighborhood to scare him and make him leave, which worked. Snowball just got really tired of being bullied by Napoleon and his friends he decided to quit and leave. Now Napoleon is free to serve the children anything he wants them to eat. He doesn’t care about any other ideas or concerns that the children have. In the end, he is no greater than the last lunch lady.

The themes I want to explore are,“ Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies” and “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other”. I would like to use these themes because I want to explain how corruption takes over things and how people manipulate others just so they can win at the end. Animal Farm uses these themes to emphasize the whole plot and idea of the book. I want to use these themes because I believe that I can demonstrate the same plot while using different scenarios. I like these two themes because you can use them in many different circumstances or situations, but still show the same basic story line.


Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

My first theme is that “Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies.”  In my Animal Farm, the first supposed discharge comes when the students get the principal to fire the lunch lady. The principal did this because he thought that the lunch would get better if he hired two more lunch guys and fire the old one. Now Napoleon  and Snowball are in charge and at first things are going nice.  Unfortunately, Napoleon and Snowball start contradicting each other by disagreeing on what should be served to the children. Napoleon decides that he wants to get rid of Snowball, so he hires his local friends to beat him up and make him quit. Napoleon is now in charge. Then the students start complaining that they keep getting the same food everyday and Napoleon seems like he doesn’t care. The students realize that nothing has changed.

Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other

My second theme is that “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other.” In my Animal Farm, the students didn’t like what the lunch lady was giving them and decided to complain to the principal. Then the principal fired the lunch lady. This does not make things any better for the students.



My mankind is the lunch lady and the principal. They are the people who have authority in the beginning of my Animal Farm. The students complain to the lunch lady, but she ignores them. This compares to Mr. Jones ignoring the needs of the animals on his farm. When the students complained the lunch lady got fired, which is similar to when the animals ran Mr. Jones off the farm.

Mr. Jones

My Mr. Jones is the lunch lady. She gave the students garbage to eat, didn’t care if they got sick, and just ignored them. Mr. Jones in the Animal Farm was a drunk farmer who didn’t care about the animal’s needs. In my Animal Farm, the lunch lady was ignorant and did not care about what the students thought about the food she was serving them. Just as Mr. Jones was run off by the animals, the lunch lady was fired.


In my Animal Farm, the pigs are the by standing teachers. These teachers are in control of the students’ actions and behaviors. They are much older than the students and tell them what to do and when to do it. They are more educated and could possibly manipulate the students.

Old Major

In my Animal Farm, Old Major is a very old teacher named Mr. Kelp and he has been teaching for 50 years and he is about to retire. One day Mr. Kelp calls a teacher’s meeting where he makes a long speech on how the lunch lady is feeding the children garbage and they should get her fired. This gets the teachers wondering how they could tell the students to complain to the principal and get her fired. Mr. Kelp then retires.


In my Animal Farm, my Napoleon is the lunch guy. He started out trying to compromise with Snowball on ideas on what to serve the kids, but in the end he just wanted to run things by himself. So he decided to call his local friends to scare Snowball out of the school so he can serve the kids what he wanted.


In my Animal Farm, my Snowball is the second lunch guy. He wants to serve the kids what they want as well as fruits and veggies. Napoleon doesn’t like that idea and there the controversy between the two start. This resulted in Snowball being ran out of the school.


My Squealer is one of the older students. This student teams up with Napoleon to convince the kids that Napoleon’s lunch idea is better than Snowball’s. This student made sure he was on the good side of Napoleon and never questioned him at all.


The Horses in  my Animal Farm are the preschoolers of the school. The don’t have an idea on what is going on and they are completely lost as well. They are easily manipulated because they can’t think for themselves and are too young to understand. They are there just to learn about letters and numbers nothing else.


My Boxer is a 7th grade girl who is very smart and loves to learn. She doesn’t really care about what is going around in her school environment she is just there to follow her dreams to be a lawyer.


My Dogs are Napoleon’s “home boys” they are the ones who listen to Napoleon because he is much wiser then they are and Napoleon always finds a way to make them thing he is always right. They are the ones who start to bully Snowball and beat him up, which made him quit and leave the school.


My Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal Farm is Catholic School. I chose a Catholic School because there are many levels of authority of a typical Catholic School. The authority differences gives a setting in which people are manipulated by those who want high power.

Farm House

My Farm House is the Kitchen. This place is where all of the decisions are made on what food is served and how to prepare it. Napoleon and Snowball work inside the kitchen. But at the end, Napoleon ends up having the kitchen to himself.




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