Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay

Could an aggressive, selfish, and totalitarian-ruling pig make a good leader? Snowball and Napoleon are two characters in George Orwell’s Animal Farm that try to take leadership of the farm after expelling Mr. Jones. These two are fundamentally different in both their political ideologies and their intentions. Despite being a selfish, cruel, and egotistical pig, Napoleon would have made a better leader than Snowball because of his ability to effectively utilize propaganda, maintain order on the farm, and increase production. First, here is how Napoleon utilizes propaganda effectively.

Napoleon is very skilled at using propaganda to achieve whatever he wishes on the farm. By utilizing propaganda, Napoleon is able to change every ideal, thought, and perception of the animals. An example of his exemplary use of propaganda is when he changed Snowball’s image after exiling him from the farm. Snowball, who was considered a brave, heroic, and good-willed leader, was now portrayed as a lying, backstabbing crook. Despite Snowball’s apparent bravery in the Battle of Cowshed, Napoleon was able to twist the story and make the animals believe that Snowball was supporting Mr. Jones. His effective use of propaganda also allowed him to completely alter the initial commandments established as the principles of Animalism. Snowball used propaganda to change the perception of Animal Farm in neighboring farms whilst it was struggling a bit. This is clear evidence of the difference between how both Napoleon and Snowball utilized propaganda. Between the two, Napoleon used it much more effectively because he used propaganda to maintain order on the farm.

Another ability that Napoleon possesses that would make him a better leader than Snowball is his ability to maintain order. Throughout Napoleon’s reign, Animal Farm went through difficult times. Difficult times tend to spark dissatisfaction and rebellion. Surprisingly, Napoleon was able to prevent rebellion and overall dissatisfaction because of his outstanding ability to establish order. The main tool Napoleon used to maintain order on the farm was propaganda. An example of that would be the death of Boxer. When Boxer was sent to the knackers, some animals were really angry. However, Napoleon, through Squealer, convinced the animals that Boxer had been sent to the hospital instead. Another method Napoleon used to establish order was to instill fear into his subjects which he accomplished through public execution. Although the ordinary animals were struggling, the pigs were living great lives because of Napoleon’s ability to increase production on the farm.

Napoleon proved during rule that he was great at increasing production on the farm. At one point, Napoleon was shipping out 600 eggs a week! Napoleon was able to have a windmill destroyed and build it back up with twice the thickness. He also knew how to make the most out of the most “useless” things. For example, instead of letting Boxer’s corpse rot,  he had sold him to the knackers’ instead. His extravagant lifestyle reflected his ability to produce goods from the farm.

Despite his lack of care for his subjects, his aggressive rule, and his selfish mindset, Napoleon would’ve made a better leader than Snowball because of his ability to effectively utilize propaganda, establish order on the farm, and his ability to increase production. Nice guys don’t always finish last, but when it comes to comparing Snowball and Napoleon as leaders, the nice piggy has to take a backseat.

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