Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay

Who will you choose to run your life? In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, there was a lot of controversy between two specific animals named, Napoleon and Snowball. Even though Napoleon was the leader of the animal farm, Snowball could have been a better leader because he was honest, a democratic leader, and cared for the animal’s needs. Napoleon on the other hand  was much more of a tyrant, greedy for power, and dishonest. Now let’s go deeper into the characteristics of the two.

Snowball was honest throughout the whole time he was in the animal farm. Snowball let everyone look at his plans for the windmill instead of being sneaky about it. Snowball also gave war badges to those who deserved one instead of just him giving them to the animals that did not deserve them. That is how Snowball was honest.

Snowball was also a democratic leader and cared about the animal’s needs. Snowball made a war plan that prevented the weaker animals from getting hurt. Which demonstrates being a democratic leader and caring for the animals. However, Napoleon had other objectives.

Napoleon was much more of a tyrant leader. When Napoleon received the leadership of the animal farm, he turned it into a dictatorship. Napoleon ran the Animal Farm into the ground. Napoleon thought that he was “better” and had more authority over all of the animals which made him a tyrant leader.

Lastly, Napoleon was greedy with power and dishonest. Napoleon wouldn’t let anyone else have any kind of control. It was all about him and he was better than everyone. Napoleon also lied to the animals about Boxer’s death and that Snowball was a traitor. These are the characteristics of how Napoleon was greedy with power and dishonest.

In conclusion, the Animal Farm went through a lot of transformation. With Snowball’s democratic leadership, the care for the animals, and being honest made him a great leader. While Napoleon was a tyrant leader, greedy with power, and dishonest. Although Napoleon ends up being the leader, Snowball’s political strategy was better than the corrupted leadership of Napoleon. This is why Snowball could have been a much better leader than Napoleon.

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