Animal Farm: My Persuasive Essay

Have you ever wondered how horses would act as a human?  The novella, Animal Farm, is filled with many allegories, and one of them is a workhorse symbolizing the Russian working class. They were vey hard working and caring. The working class may seem insignificant, but they are actually the foundation of the government. Boxer symbolizes the working class, and the betrayal of Boxer can be seen as an alternative climax. The whole system will fall if the working class is gone, the working class provides the good, and they are the center of trade. However, they can also be seen as a threat by the dictator, in this case, Napoleon.

Boxer is a dedicated, hard worker who cares much about the other animals on the farm. He is a loyal laborer. However, he had no education. He knew alphabets up to E, but all the animals admired him except for Napoleon. Napoleon saw Boxer as a threat because of his size and his strength. Boxer’s personal motto was “I will work harder”, and that’s another reason he was seen as a threat towards Napoleon. Napoleon just had no respect for Boxer, but why is Boxer so important?

A little after the middle of the story Boxer collapses and is carried to the horse slaughterer. Who would take him to the horse slaughterer? Who else? Napoleon of coarse. Would this be an alternative climax in the story since Boxer is gone? No. The climax in this novella is the betrayal of Snowball. However, this action can act as a climax. The betrayal of Snowball is only one individual that can be replaced while the betrayal of Boxer is the working class acting as a whole which means the working class has a benefit on the entire animal farm, and it take more to replace them.

Boxer was admired by the animal because of his dedicating, hard work. This means a lot to the animals of the farm. With Boxer gone there is no one on the farm that worked as he did and made the animals as happy to be on the farm. Since Napoleon took over, the animals no longer have that joy. It’s worse for them to no longer have someone like Boxer, and also have a horrible leader. When Boxer is gone, that brings to a plot line in which Boxer figured prominently as a loyal, hard working citizen who is taken advantage of and worked to death. Literally.

With stating these key points and topics, the betrayal of Boxer can be seen as an alternative climax in the novella. Even though the original climax has nothing to do with Boxer, there are many details in the story to prove that the betrayal of Boxer could be an alternative climax in the novella such as his character, him being seen as a threat by Napoleon, and the details in the betrayal itself. Boxer was an important member to the animal farm.

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