My Animal Farm


My type of Animal Farm will be set in a orphanage that is ran by a lady that is just there for the money.  She talkes down to the children and treats them like trash. She makes them clean all the clothes. She even tells them that nobody wants them and nobody loves them.She makes them scrub the floor with babe toothbrushes. There are numerous things that Animal Farm and this perdicument have in common. In both stories there is a class that gets treated like trash.There is also a problem that no one is leading so another someone steps up. This is a theme that tells us that humans will split into different classes and one will take advantage of the other.


Theme 1

Theme 1 is that ideologies of liberation often lead to tyranny. The child that promises to keep everything in order and make sure that everything goes right to make their lives get better, but he slowly takes more and more from the others and works less until he has almost all the food and things to live.

Theme 2

Theme 2 is when the humans  will split into different groups and one will take advantage of the other. In the situation I have created, the children wil make up their minds that they need a leader because so they can get better treatment. The children hoped that things would get better. Their hope becomes a nightmare soon after, someone takes over. This new leader is better at first but turns out be be the worst. He is very sly and very selfish.



In this situation, mankind are the child leader. He did contribute a little plus he had power like the pigs. He also had more items than everyone else and didn’t do alot of work as everyone else.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the lady over the orphans that only does it for the money. Both characters have control in the beginning. They both take from others and give little in return. Neither one really cares about the people they are taking advantage of. The lady takes food, water, toys, and other items from others to make his life better. She does help out but only when a child is sick. She does little as possible, but she does enough to hide the truth  that she doesn’t care about anyone.


The pig(s) is the child that takes leadership. Both the pigs and the students are sly and selfish. He gains power without the other children noticing until it’s too late.

Old Major

Old Major is the oldest workers that speak out on the way the orphans are treated. The workers both create the idea of rebellion which succeeds. Sadly they both die before the leaders are gone. The workers who led the rebellion at the orphanage wanted what was best for the children. They hoped for a better life for all of the children once they got rid of the selfish leader. They were older ladys who convinced everyone that life would be much better if they could just live the lives of normal children.


Napoleon is the second oldest in the orphanage. The oldest one is greedy and controlling. Him and the middle oldest orphan take over. He is similar to Napoleon because he is powerful, and he gets rid of the middle orphan like Napoleon gets rid of Snowball. After a while, the second oldest orphan finds out that he doesn’t need the middle orphan and gets rid of him to gain absolute control.


Snowball and the middle oldest orphan are similar because they both gain control after the original leaders are overthrown. They both don’t plan to make decisions all alone, and they both are forced from power by someone else that wants absolute power. The secomd oldest kills the middle oldest and Napoleon chases Snowball off the farm.


Squealer and the workers are similar. They both work for the leaders and have better lives than most people. Also, they both help convince other children that the leader is only trying to do what is best for the people even though it’s fauls. The middle orphan receives special treatment because he works with the oldest. Squealer and the workers both spread lies to make it look like the tyrants were good.


The horses were similar to the orohans because they both help others. The orphans worked non stop for what seem like every second the were in there.


Boxer was similar to an orphan that has a mental disorder. Both Boxer and the orphan do more work than others, woke up earlier to work, and were mentaly ill, and did not question what they were told. They both wanted the rebellion to succeed so they worked as hard as they could.


The dogs are like the two men who protected the businessman because they both protected the leaders and they weren’t afraid to injure others. Napoleon trained the dogs to defend him like the second oldest orphan convinced the others to protect him. The others that the orphan used to protect him was a person or persons that was ready to say or do whatever.


 The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The orphaage represents my Animal Farm. The orphanage is where the rebellion happens and they tyranny begins. An orphanage fulll of desperate children is a good representation of the Animal Farm because no matter what life couldn’t be easy for the orphans and the farm animals.

The Farmhouse

The orpanage is the farmhouse because it is the best shelter since it is  made out of metal. First the second oldest and middle odest orpan shared it. Then when the oldest  took over, he started living in it.

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