Lessons I’ve Learned

I attended Carr Lane VPA Middle School from 6-8th grade.  I attended Ames Elementary School from K-5th grade.  At Carr Lane the 6th grade year was fantastic, 7th grade was all right, and the 8th grade year cool and we went to Chicago.  They did not prepare me for High School, and they should of not kept switching the Math teachers in and out.  When the right Math teacher got there (Mr. Hamilton) assisted me with fractions. The Band Teacher, Mr. Bossman and Mr. Bruce, and they helped me play an instrument.  Mr. Bruce  and Mr. Hamilton were my favorite teachers.


My Mother got the phone call to come to Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience,  and I was excited and happy.  The three weeks of summer school was exciting.  When we went to the Zoo, we met new people and I have new friends at CSMB and I have old friends also.I love this school so much .

Personal Strength


I learned how to become a leader .Is that my mother and father are leaders and my sister look up to me.And I learned from my mother and father to become a leader.And that how i got my leadership from them and how they become a leader.  I help people when they have issue by listening to them. Then I help them problem solve and help calm them down.


Sometimes it is hard to stay organized and it  depends on the  class, and  it is hard to keep up with all the papers and the organization of those papers. Mrs. Riggs gave me plastic sheets and I’m kept up with them.


Some people are helpful to each other some of them are not. But I like help people I want them to been hard working ask me some people don’t try some do and it hard doing they work and and try complete it and I like help people with they work if they need help.

Personal Weaknesses

Public Speaking

I don’t like public speaking it to hard for me to speaking in public in front of people it only depend what topic we talking about . Sometimes I don’t like speaking in front of class it give me hard time to speak and I love speaking just not sometimes .


I am shy by raise my hand and ask questions my teachers tell me answer questions and I try but sometimes I don’t know the answer to it and I like raise my hand and ask questions because it fun to ask questions to see if you know it or if you don’t but teachers been pushed me to do it.

Easily Distracted

I get Distracted easily only when I get bored but I don’t get distracted here that quick because I been busy with work and sometimes when I’m in class I get distracted on some subject it bored but not all some class I love some classes some  distracted me .




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