My Animal Farm


In my version of Animal Farm, I will explore Athens during their rise to power and how they went through hard times trying to find out what government would truly be right for them. Monarchy ( a government run solely by one king), Tyrannical( a government run by one power abusing leader), Astriocracy ( a government run by powerful nobles), and finally sided with Democracy(a government run by the people). That is a very big transition over about 100 years, keep in mind the fact that this was no United States this was a small kingdom in Greece next to the Persian Empire and the Spartan kingdom. This can closely link to the original  George Orwell Animal Farm i’ll show you how.


 Theme 1

My first theme is  Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies. This theme fits perfectly with the idea of the Athenian Government. As more and more people fight for the right to be free from the Persian Empire all  they are doing is gearing up for a tyrant to be put on the throne to make decisions for them. They could fight for there freedom all they want but you will always wind up in chains because the liberation of getting a threat out of your lands only brought a tyrant from your own kingdom.

Theme 2

My second theme is  Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other. This sounds very similar to the Astriocracy government style. Back then the rich people were called nobles. People that owned land and had a say in the government. The nobles were split from the merchants, craftsman, slaves and other common people, but as fate would have it the nobles rose out on top declaring there family will be the rulers over all of Athens.





Mankind will be represented by the Persians. Everybody all around hates the Persians they treat the people like dirt and enslave people that hold no threat to them. So they eventually were taken off the pedestal of top empire and were replaced by the new Athenian empire.

Mr. Jones

My Mr Jones shall be represented by Xerses. Xerses was a power hungry tyrant ruling over the Persian Government eventually his power is questioned as the threat of the Athenian government rises. He eventually is taken off the throne and sits and watches as his once great empire fails to stop the rise of the Athenian government.


My pigs will take the place of the poor (in wealth) Athenian people . Back then the poor people were uneducated and did not have a mind of there own meaning they could easily be controlled and manipulated into doing whatever the Athenians told them to do. Poor people were just there to do the Athenian kings bidding not be there own people like they once were.

Old Major

My Old Major would be Megacles. this guy was the father of Cleisthenes and leader of the noble family Alcmaeonidae. Megacles wanted justice for all his people, to be no longer ruled by the tyrannical Persian leader he was the first to start up this idea of the revolution but died long before it ever happened.


My Napoleon would be Isagoras. Isagoras was a new king who took power after Hippias was overthrown. He had a huge rivalvery with  Cleisthenes ( Snowball). But  Isagoras went through undermined means to kick Cleisthenes out of his Kingdom and control and rule over everything. he could also manipulate the populist to doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it.


My Snowball will be Cleisthenes the father of democracy. Cleisthenes proposed Democracy to the people giving them more say in the government but the people turned him down and he was eventually exiled by Isagoras aka Napoleon. there is still much debate on who’s government would have actually worked but as we could see back them Isagoras was clearly the winner.


My horses would be the Athenian philosophers. They had a very good education and a powerful say in what they wanted to do in the government however this power was taken away when Isagoras came upon the throne. Then they were objectified and beliitled by Isagoras.


My Boxer will be Plato. Plato was a famous Greek Philosopher who was intelligent but mainly did the kings bidding whenever he was told to. Unlike the rest of the horses he was treated with a lot more dignity than the other horses due to him being so close to him.


The dogs would represent the Spartans. ruthless people who will follow any savage order their king gave. the Spartans were a perfect pick by order of Isagoras a dozen or saw Spartans went to Athens to be the Kings personal bodyguards ( true chizz)


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal Farm would be all of Greece. This is what the Athenians wanted they wanted peace and justice for themselves all over Greece. Yes they were in it for the land but the expansion of there ways, traditions and laws was more important.

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse would be the city of Athens itself. Athens was were laws were made, kings lived, and were the court was. all similar to the farmhouse in Animal Farm. Also Athens itself is the center of this story and the farmhouse was the center of the story in Animal Farm perfect match.




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