Lessons I’ve Learned

I attended Carr Lane VPA for my middle school years. Even though, it wasn’t the best school, I met the most wonderful people there like my friends, Charlie, Dominique, Angeloo, and Kiki. That’s why I was so sad to leave my middle school years behind, but it was time for me to grow up. I was planning to go to Parkway Central for my high school years, but it changed. So I sent application to Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience and got an approval. All I knew about this school that it was a medical school and meant for those that want to go into the medical field didn’t want to be in the medical field but I would consider it while I’m there. I thought it would be fun going to a new school and it was small so if thought of that as a plus, but I can’t pronounce the name of the school for the death of me.


When I got there, I already had friends because some of the kids from my old school came there. It was fun and I even made new friends, but that wasn’t hard for me because making friends was easy for me. Then a twist happened I actually thought about going into the medical field as a vet. Mainly because of my cat, Morale, he was like a cousin to me. Then, we had worked to do at school. I had to actually try to do work and it was hard but if made it through.


I learned that you have to work hard to get somewhere in the world. Also, I learned grammar, manners, and some words from this school. Learned to be careful and prepared for anything. Because you don’t know what’s coming your way. Also I learned to clean up my mess. To be pride of myself and stick with I in believe.


Personal Strengths




I sometimes say that I am a perfectionist. Which I am, I like to do things very thoroughly and take my time until it is perfect. It can be seen as a weakness because it takes you longer to complete a project or task when you want everything to be perfect. I will take the extra time will ensure that a good job is done.


This comes in handy for school It helps me get my assignment my view of perfect ,so they can be the best they can be.Also, I will try hard to get to the highest point.




I learned this trait from my old school, when there was fights I would listen to little things like create noise and yelling. Now I used it to stay alert to my homework and work. Also, if the teacher says some important I’ll be alert and ready to remember it.


I remember when I was at school while everyone was talking and when I heard the announcements and I was the only one who heard it, but the down side was I had to explain it to everyone.


It’s kind of like a super power that only a couple people have.






I’m very creative when I want to be. I’m mainly creative in art and music, but that’s where you are supposed to have your ideas everywhere use my creative in class like for projects and classwork. Even on homework well sometimes. My creative helps my grades and personality. It benefits others and me.


Just today I had to do my journal for my World History and instead of doing the casual assignment. I change it up it soaked the papers in coffee to make it old and drew a picture of Wiz Khaifa. Also doing that I learned how to spell Wiz Khaifa name too. I made a great project and got an average grade on it but that was good enough for me.




I always have high hopes for the future. This trait remembers me of a trait a dog has. I am easily happy and I never really get mad because I don’t think it is worth my time. When I go places just getting out of the house makes me happy.


One time, I kept losing my 20 dollar bill and every time I found it. I was happy and ready to lose it again. This trait reminds me of something a dog would do. Even when someone calls my name I get a rush of happiness.


Excitement helps me in school so I won’t get bored in school and if I’m bored I will fall asleep believe excitement is a trait that everyone should have so they can have fun. So, that’s why I try to spread it.





Being an airhead personally is kind of neat. An airhead is a person who doesn’t really pay attention but it has its perks. I would usually and watch my environment and don’t pay attention. But it helps my imagination and I have a giant imagination because of my airheadness


When I’m in class I will think about homework in other classes and other things will even think about music, animals, friends, and the last thing I ate. This trait sparks my creative and keeps me from getting bored. It saves me from school and keeps me busy.




I’m really nice to others’ barely get into fights with others and everyone loves me. I always was a friendly person because I always hated to be mean. But I can be mean to someone who makes me upset. Usually, I’m nice to people, things, and animals. I always was nice to animals One time, I hid a dog under my bed because it was homeless but after a few weeks my mom found it and we decided to keep it , but the dog wasn’t even homeless its owners let us have her.


Friendliness is the key to making friends; this trait helped me in school. This is the reason why I have lots of friends because I’m friend towards others. The key is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Since I’m friendly I give everyone the same opting and treatment.




Personal Weakness



I’m probably the world’s best slob, right now I’m eating a chill dog while typing on my labtop.I just finished it and there’s crumbs everywhere. My sloppiness affected my school work .For example, in art class I got points  off for stains on my drawing but it was just bleach. Also I always have a brown smear on my work and I even had a cheat stain on an essay.


To stop this I wash my hands before doing paperwork and eat snacks later try to keep my papers in folders not in my pockets’ try to be more organized, but it fails. On a good day, I will go to the store and get school supplies to be like the regular students in my school.




Animal Friendness


This is my major weakness, I will walk up to any dog or cat to try and pet them had an addition to try and take animals home because I feel sad for them. I try preventing this by staying away from stray dogs and cats. Also, I avoid places with stray dogs in it.


But what really made me stop is when it effected my school time. One day , when I was going down my street to go to my bus stop and I saw a dog and I walked up to it and it growl at me and while I was trying to get closer I missed my bus. I as so mad!




I try so hard to organize and perfect, but I fail everything lost papers and pens for class I try to find role models to be influence by. Usually, I’m disorganized and stuff everything in my pocket. This year it’s going to have to stop because it affects my grade in school like missing papers and tardy homework.


One day I forgot my paper that I need for class and I was taking time out of class to print another sheet , then I received a demirt.




I can get hurt very quickly if someone disregards my sincere efforts, or accuse me of being guilty of a mistake which I never did; this does results in a mental stress which ultimately affects my performance. I get really nervous about a lot of homework, food touching, and touching paper.


This can affect school because my grade can go down I will go crazy and blank out in class that makes forget answers


Easily Distracted


I get distracted by anything. Noise, pictures, and people distract me .I try to stay focus and be busy doing something. I do believe doing work is important, but it’s hard not to do something else while doing it.


This can affect my grade sometimes like if I don’t pay attention I cannot learn a lesson in class I was supposed to learn .One time I was in Ms.Moyerman’s class and I was thinking about food because right after this class was lunch while I was drooling about food I miss my lesson and didn’t what to do for homework.




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