Lessons I’ve Learned

From kindergarten to 8th grade I’ve been a part of Lindbergh School District. I went to elementary school at Sappington Elementary and Sperreng Middle for middle school. Up until about February of 2013 I was convinced I was going to Lindbergh High School. In February of 2013 I received a postcard for a new school dedicated to medicine and bioscience. I knew I wanted to be a doctor, and this seemed like a good first step.

My dad called in and made an interview for the next day. I was very nervous and everything happened at once. I had never been to and interview and I knew nothing about the school. I completed my interview with Mr. Clatto and didn’t think much about being accepted. It never occurred to me until I received my acceptance letter that I would be leaving behind my friends and school I had known my whole life.

I went back and forth thinking about the pros and cons of going to this school. I was nervous about having to make new friends because I’m not the most outgoing person in the world. I also worried about my old friends forgetting about me. Then, I realized that at this school I could finally be in a place that being smart was cool. I could finally be with people like me. I figured out that I was lying to myself when I said I wanted to stay at Lindbergh for the curriculum. I just wasn’t getting anything out of the classes. After many decision changes, I finally decided on trying CSMB. At 14 years old, I entered my first day of high school at a brand new school alone and scared. I’m glad I chose CSMB because it’s helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to become a better student.

Personal Strengths


I learned self-control just by growing up and a household where bad behavior wasn’t allowed. Only good manners. This helps me at school because I don’t act out, I know what to say and what not to say to somebody, and I know when to stop.

Self control to me is not throwing a desk over when something makes you mad. When I was in the fifth grade, I vividly remember being very upset about something. I then imagined myself flipping a desk over across the room. I imagined how relieved I would feel, then I imagined how stupid and immature it would be. From then on, whenever I think about doing something I shouldn’t, I think of the immaturity.

Self control makes me a better person. I know how to act in public and around people. It also keeps me from flipping desks over. This strength will help me one day when being around college scouts, or even at a hospital. You wouldn’t want a flipped over hospital bed.

Following Instructions

Following instructions is one of the things I am best at. I find it very easy, unlike some people, to just do what instructions tell me. That doesn’t mean I like doing it. I just can do it very well.

I’ll need to be able to follow instructions for school projects, and even future jobs. Following instructions is very important for doing experiments in science. If you do something wrong, it could mess everything up. There’s also the possibility you could forget a part of an import surgical procedure.

Goal- Setting

Setting goals and meeting them for me is easy. If I say I’m going to do something, it will get done. Even if there’s procrastination in between, my goals are met. That’s why I’m excited about my long term goals.

Goal setting is important because it helps you set goals for what you want to accomplish. You aren’t just doing random things, you have a plan. Every night, I make the goal to finish homework. There’s a lot of procrastination, but it always gets done. My goals are very serious and important to me.


One of my qualities I admire the most about myself is my selflessness. Although it is very small, it’s there. I didn’t learn how to be selfless. I just grew up feeling guilty when I hurt somebody. Even now, I can’t stand the fact if I hurt somebody. Everything I do is to help others. At least, I try.

Selflessness is important because it makes me a likable person. Nobody wants the selfish friend or the employee who only cares about themselves. I can be selfless simply by going with what others want. It doesn’t effect me, and it makes the other person happy. Therefore, I am happy.

Mental Math

Math has always been one of my best an favorite subjects. I enjoy it so much because everything always had one certain answer. It’s not debatable. Mental math is a trait I grew up with. I’ve been good at it ever since the countless 100%’s on the times table tests in third grade. I learned how to do large mental math problems from my 8th grade math teacher. He showed me how to do it in your head very quickly, and from then on I was a human calculator.

Mental math is a good trait to use in school because it can help you in almost all subjects. You don’t need a calculator or a long equation to just simply do a multiplication problem in your head. You can also use this skill while at the grocery store or bank.

This skill came in handy once when my friends calculator was broken. I helped her through many of the long problems and she was amazed. My mental math skills have been a little rusty, but it’s still a trait I have that many people envy.

Getting Things Done

When I want something done, it will get done. No questions asked. I learned how to get thins done by just realizing the consequences if it doesn’t get done. I don’t like people to be unhappy with me, so I try and get things done people ask me to do. This is important because people and teachers can rely on me. They can trust me to do something.

A time when I got something done that was important was when my dad told me I need to clean my room spotless in order to leave the house. It may have nothing to do with school, but I finished cleaning way before the deadline. From then on, he trusts me to do things.



Procrastination became a problem in about 6th or 7th grade, when we finally began to get real work. It’s not a thing that I would ever try to do, it just happens. You get focused and decide you’re going to start a project the day it’s assigned. But wait, there’s your favorite t.v. show on tonight. You just keep putting it off until it’s midnight, the day of the due date.

Procrastinating has hurt my academic life because it causes me to get little sleep and a lot of stress. This makes my learning experience the next day terrible. A specific time that I procrastinated was in 6th grade. We had book reports we had to complete once a quarter, so we knew about them months in advance. I waited until the night before to do my project as well as actually read the book.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is my worst nightmare. I don’t know where it began. I’ve always had shivers before a presentation. I get all worked up for no reason. Not being good at public speaking hurts your academic life. You need to be able to speak in front of crowds because of future jobs, interviews, speeches, etc.

Out of my countless stories of me speaking to a class, one of the worst was in 7th grade speech and drama class. I wrote this long speech about cats. When my name was called, I walked up to the podium, shaking, and began to read. I did pretty well in the end. I ended up making the class laugh a few times. However, I’m still a terrible public speaker.


Participating in class is my enemy. It’s honestly me just being afraid of messing up. Participation is a need to be successful because you’ll never learn if you don’t put in a few words at least.

Not participating causes you to not understand certain material and sometimes even lose points on assignments. In 8th grade English, we had multiple discussions about novels. The grades were based on how many times you spoke. I received too many 0′s. My fear of public speaking caused my participation to go down.

Focusing During Lectures

It’s a common thing that most people dislike lectures. I don’t choose to dislike them, I just can’t get anything out of them. The information goes right over my head. I envy people who can listen to twenty minutes of talking and know everything that was said. When a teacher lectures, I think about other things, not on purpose.

Focusing on lectures is a requirement for college classes where the professor does that for the whole class. I’ll need to take many notes, record the lecture,and try my hardest to stay alert. Times when I can’t focus during a lecture are basically anytime a teacher actually lectures. I completely zone out.

Self Esteem

Self esteem is a problem in all people. However, when I say self esteem, I don’t mean about looks or anything. I have problems with not believing in myself and thinking I’m stupid. In the end, I know I’m not, but it crosses my mind far too much.

I doubt myself all the time. Especially after tests and assignments I don’t do so hot on. For example, in World History last semester, I got a not great grade on a quiz. It made me feel dumb whenever everyone else showed off their scores. Having a good self esteem, about school or not about school is a quality you need to have so you can believe in yourself and push farther.

Social Skills

My social skills are the saddest and most awkward things  ever. Ever since I hit middle school, I was terrible at having real conversations or even starting them. Social skills are important for everything in life. To be successful, you need to talk to other humans. This comes in handy when you are at college interviews and job interviews. Having good social skills could be the thing that gets you into college.

A time I needed social skills was my interview for this school. I came very unprepared. I had never been to anything like that before, or even taught anything. It would have helped a lot to have the skills to form nice conversations with people.


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