My Animal Farm


Mr. Jones is the richest man in the world. He is a clever but stingy business man. He owns a hotel called the Hiltons which he tricked the owner into selling it to him. The Hiltons are located in the city of Chicago in Illinois. It is grand hotel and business is skyrocketing. Almost all of his money come from the hotel. The workers at these hotels have been complaining that they are underpaid and that they are working around the clock where there is no break to rest. Mr.Jones has never been merciful or kind to any of the hotel’s employees. Every time one of the hotel’s employee starts discussing that he was not being constitutional, Mr.Jones kicks the employee out of his office.

The employees are saddened at this and begin to lose hope until one of their employees died from stress load. Afraid of ending up in a grave the workers gather and rebel against Mr. Jones and his advisors. This was the final straw they could not handle this anymore and overthrown him. This was practically easy since he lived in the most luxurious room in the suite. They threw him and his stuff out the window and that was the last time they saw him. They thought that they wouldn’t have any more problems, but they were wrong. Socialism clashes between the hotel’s management and employees. The two themes would be “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other” and “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”. These two themes are thoroughly explained in Animal farm.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other

My first theme is   “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other”. This is the first time in the history of the hotel that there is a rebellion against hotel management. All the previous owners were tolerant, but Mr. Jones was not tolerable at all.  There is a split between the hotel’s staff. One group felt like that they were superior to the other employees, and those were the hotel’s co-manager Napoleon and Snowball. This was an easy task since none of the other employees were educated. They made snowball owner of the hotel, and napoleon as hotel manager.

 Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant

My second theme is “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”.  This is because Squealer, who is the secretary of the hotel, is told by Napoleon to send a notice to everyone saying that Snowball doesn’t want to increase the wages or decrease their work shifts. This is false because Snowball never said anything about this. Eventually, Squealer adds that if anyone of the staff question the management of the hotel will not receive payment.



Mankind is represented as Mr.Jones and his associates. They are represented as mankind because of their greed, selfish desire, and ruthless owners. They do not care about anyone.


Mr.Jones is the owner of the hotel. He lives off of all the money the hotel makes. He is a clever business man because he tricked the previous owner into buying the hotel. He is also known as a stingy and rude man. He pays his staff less than minimum wage and make them work around the clock. He basically treats them as slaves.


The pigs are illustrated as the hotels management and owners. Since most of the staff were uneducated the staff was easily manipulated by the management thinking they cared about them, giving them false hopes, and promising them an increase in their wager and less work time. They are influenced by greed and power. They take all the power and wealth that Mr.jones left behind and use it for their own good.

Old Major

Old major in this version of Animal Farm as the head manager. He has been working there for 30 years and saw things change in the hotel. Lying on his deathbed, he tells the staff that there would be a day that they will be treated better and that is if we get rid of Mr.Jones.


Napoleon was the co-manager along with Snowball, but now he is the hotel’s manager. He is jealous of Snowball because everyone likes him more and he is a good speaker, but he has a plan that will give him all the wealth and power of the hotel.


Snowball was a co-manager of the hotel like Napoleon was. Now he is on the top as the owner of the hotel. He was known to be the hero during the rebellion. Later, Snowball is chased by Napoleon out of the hotel and becomes the hotel manager at the hotel across the street. the staff feel betrayed.


Squealer is represented as the secretary. He is loyal to Napoleon, and he listen to what Napoleon says. He sends a message to the staff saying that Snowball is a traitor.


The horses are represented as the kitchen staff. Because they are uneducated they are loyal to Napoleon and are easily manipulated to his quest of money.


Boxer is represented in my story as the head chef. He is easily manipulated by Snowball. Boxer doesn’t care for the money he only cares about working hard. His favorite line is “work harder” and ” Napoleon is always right”. He is the most uneducated staff.


The dogs are represented as the security guards. They love to protect Napoleon.


The Animal Farm/ Manor Farm

The hotel is represented as the farm because that is where all the problems are happening and that’s where  all the employees work at.

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse is represented as the shed back of the Hotel. They use it to hold meetings








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