Lessons I’ve Learned

I’ve attended charter and private schools all my life. Last year I attended Confluence Academy Old North. I attended Confluence Academy from 2nd-8thth. Confluence had some challenging classes, but the challenge wasn’t challenging enough for me. Old North had separated the students in to different classes according to each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. I commend the staff at Old North for helping me come thus far, but admit must admit, I think they could have done a better job at preparing me for high-school.

January of 2013, I received a call saying I had the opportunity to attend a new high-school opening in August of 2013. At the time, I was 13 years old searching for a great opportunity and one came my way. I had many emotions going through my mind at the time. I was nervous, excited, anxious, and most of all grateful. Not many 8th graders receive great opportunities like the one I received. I was really blessed and grateful.

In August if 2013, I started attending Collegiate School Of Medicine and Bioscience. I went in thinking I was going into something that at wasn’t a challenge, but I was completely wrong. I learned really quick that Collegiate was a real challenge for me. I also learned that Collegiate was not a place for playing around, and that I had no time for games. I was very surprised by the curriculum. The curriculum consists of Honors and regular Algebra, World History, Physics, and English. I’ve learned that I have to continue to strive for greatness and work harder than usual.

Personal Strengths


Over the years, I have learned how to become a leader. I learned how to become a leader by watching my father run his own construction company called Miller Building Group. I also learned how to become a leader by watching my mother train doctors. So, I’ve had many times where I have had the chance to see qualities of a leader.

The trait leadership has helped me at Collegiate in many ways. I’ve learned how not to let a person run over me in any type of form or fashion. I have to be independent and worry and me, and to never let anyone get the way of me doing what I need to do to become what I want to be in life.


If you really know me, then you know I am a very organized person. I am a neat freak. I tend to start over and rewrite my work all the time because I tend to get lazy at times. My mother taught me how to stay organized and to keep all of stuff in order. She taught me this trait as a little girl. In the 2nd grade, I remember my mother telling me I need to become more organized and keep all of my stuff in order. One Saturday, my mother sat me down and we went through my closet and organized my shoes and clothes. That process took forever, but it taught me how to keep all of my items in school.

Being organized has helped me at Collegiate in many ways. I always keep a planner and I write in it daily. I have at least 8 different notebooks, two for every subject. I also have two lockers one filled with books and the other filled with personal items such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, an extra uniform shirt and much more.


Honesty is a must have trait living in the world that we live in today. Why Lie? Lying only causes more confusion and leads on to more lies. I learned the trait of honesty at a young age. My parents have always told me that honesty is the best policy.

Honesty has also helped me at Collegiate. One day, I found an iPad in the restroom. I honestly could have took the iPad and not returned it to its owner, but that’s not me. I stayed honest and turned it into the office and it safely got back to its owner.

Personal Weaknesses

Public Speaking

I have the fear of public speaking. That is the one weakness that I have and has kept me from doing a lot of things. I stutter while I speak in front of people and people laugh at that. I really dislike that. It makes me feel like I’m not good enough sometimes.

My dad stutters too when he speaks in front of crowds, so it’s not just me. He always tells me to take my time and not my life. Just be patient and the words will come out smoothly. He also told me don’t let my stuttering stop me from doing anything.


Procrastination is one of the many things that keep me staying up all night. During the day, when I get out of school I should be doing my homework. Instead, I get to my dad’s office, talk on the phone, get on social media, and I forget all about my homework. When I get home, at about 5PM I still procrastinate and do other things instead of my homework. Then, I end up staying up until 11PM doing homework.

Procrastination has hurt me a lot at Collegiate. Procrastination has me turning in assignments late, rushing and doing work early in the mornings, and having to stay after school to complete assignments. Procrastination is a terrible trait of mine and I need to start stop it.


Laziness is the wrost personal weakness of mine. Laziness has gotten me some grades that I really dislike. I need to step it up, big time. I believe when I was younger I was laziness, and I grew older it became worse. I am an only child so I never have had to do anything for myself really. For example, my mother irons my clothes, does my hair, and sometimes washes my clothes. Now, thats all catching up with me, because now now my mother wantes to me to learn to do my own hair, iorn my own clothes, and wash my own clothes.

Laziness has not helped me at Collegiate at all. It actually has caused me to get some grades that I really dislike. During some classes, I may put my head down and tune the teacher out, or even not put forth the effort that I know I can.

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