My Animal Farm


Deep within the confines of the produce section of a local grocery store, One Apple (old Major) comes to the conclusion that all man is bad and all produce is  good and that rebellion would ultimately decided who was better, but the life if this apple was cut short by it being chosen for a humans consumption. Filled with rage  the animals for a rebellion in the hope of honoring the once great apple and obtaining freedom. In the hope to further the produce knowledge Apple s(snowball) attempts to teach the produce until he is over thrown by the malicious apple know as Apple n (Napoleon). This lead to a dramatic change in the life of the produce, now under the iron claw of Apple N.


Theme 1

Education is important for society. As seen in my interpretation of Animal Farm the uneducated populace was easily manipulated by the much smarter pigs primarily Apple N. This theme supports the idea that the smarter class wins which is true because in Animal Farm the pigs rule over all the other animals do to intellect.  In my interpretation the tyrant like Apple N neglects education so there for he wins and riles over the animals


Theme 2

Humans will split into different social class and one will take advantage of the other. In my Animal Farm this is true because The Apples seize complete power under Apple N’s leadership and everything else has to be subjective to them. This theme supports the idea that once the common enemy is gone someone will need to feel this void and it is filled by the apples.



In my version the humans are represented by the store workers. Being some what in power and controlling the very fate of the produce section. The store workers have the wrong name because all they did was stand around while the costumers shopped, having no drive and got composition for the produce sections lost comrades


Mr.jones was represented by the store manager. The store manager controlled the workers there for controlling the outcome of the produce.


The pigs are represented by the apples. The apples the superior fruit or produce and we’re far more educated than the rest of the produce. The apples ran than the produce and made the decision like any Republican party.

Old Major

Old Major is the apple mentioned in the first part if my introduction.  Referred to as the one apple, he represents old Major by having the fate of death and also he really started the rebellion. The true reason behind the rebellion and his death us the reason the tyrant Apple N came to be.


Apple N the malicious, notorious apple is Napoleon. The rise to power under a benevolent predecessor, neglect of education,  and complete animal control are three traits that make Apple N a splitting symbolic representation of Napoleon.


Apple s is snow ball. Apple s cared for future plans and education just as snowball did and if education had been a better propaganda technique then snowball or Apple s would have been in charge and not Apple N or Napoleon.


The horses were represented as bananas. Bananas are healthy just as the horses were and reliable just as the horses were.


My sheep are grapes. Attached at the hip and dumb as a sack of rocks just like in Animal Farm.


My wind mill is a the stores front door, the thing that kept the store going without this anything could happen.


Animal Farm

My Animal Farm is the displace casing for the fruit representing a wide open space that facilitates so many variety of things.

Farm house

My farm house is the refrigerator area of the store. Human made produce was reluctant to travel near it.

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