My Animal Farm


My Animal Farm takes place at a well known apartment complex that used to be run by one of the nicest people in the world. After he passed away his son Mr. Jones took control and the didn’t care at all about the apartment. He would cut off the power in the apartment whenever he wanted and he would accuse people of not paying rent.

The themes that I used are “Humans will split into different classes… and one class will take advantage of the other.” and “Ideologies of liberation often lead to tyrannies.” these themes work together well, because it will show how when someone says they have the best idea they will usually change everything for the worst. Also the separation of classes will make it easier for the people in charge to spread there message around.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

In the Animal Farm all of the animals try to overthrow a person in charge named Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones treats the animals horribly and works them to death. The animals are eventually feed up with this,so they revolt and kick Mr. Jones out. After that Napoleon becomes in charge and they  basically repeat what Mr. Jones did. In my Animal farm the renters are sick of how the landlord treats them so they overthrow him and when they get a new landlord (Napoleon) he repeats exactly what the original landlord did.

After Napoleon becomes in charge he splits the renters into groups. The Managers were on the top floor, the security are a floor below, the tenants live below them, and on the bottom are the maintenance crew.

Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

After Napoleon got everything grouped the way he wanted he saw the kind of power that he had on all of them, so he took it up a notch. He wanted to conserve electricity use so all the people except for the managers could only have their lights and other electronic device on from 11:00am to 9:00pm. Napoleon would limit the showers to 30 minutes, but of course most managers would take 2 hour showers.



In my Animal Farm, the mankind is represented by the renters. They are all angry that they get treated the way they do in a apartment that used to be the best around.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the landlord of the apartment complex. He doesn’t take care of the place as much as he should and cuts off the electricity whenever he feels like it. He gets maintenance the cheapest way possible instead of putting money into it. He inherited the apartment from his father who was a hard worker, he is not.


The pigs are the managers of the apartment. They get to live in the apartment rent free and always boss around the renters. They believe that they are the best and anyone else doesn’t deserve to have a point of view in anything.

Old Major

Old major is the first ever manager to work at the apartment back when Mr. Jones dad was the boss. He is on his death bed and all the people look up to him because he was always nice to them. He tells them about how they need to change the way that the apartment is ran. He tells them of an idea of how everyone would pay the same amount of rent and they would get the same type of rooms.


Napoleon is one of the managers. He gets promoted to head manager of the apartment complex. After they overthrow Mr. Jones the power of being the head manager goes to his head. He doesn’t like that Snowball was coming up with good ideas, so the second he heard that Snowball was going to move to the Holiday Inn he got him pegged as a traitor.


Snowball was also the head manager with Napoleon, but then he gets an offer to work as the CEO of Holiday Inn. He took that job and when Napoleon found out he got the security to kick him out and told all the renters that Snowball was a traitor. Snowball quickly became hated in the apartment.


Squealer was Napoleons friend before Napoleon got power. After Napoleon got in head position he made Squealer his adviser and spokes person. Squealer would go around telling everyone why Napoleon was improving the apartment building compared to how Mr. Jones or Snowball was.


The horses represent the maintenance crew. They do all the hard work of repairing and cleaning everything in the apartment. They get lower then minimum wage. They work for absurdly long hours. Some don’t get sleep some nights and still go in the next day to work.


Boxer is the muscle in the maintenance crew. He does all the heavy lifting like building onto the apartment. He will do what ever Napoleon asks him to do. His motto is “work harder!”.  He would always put a fake smile on for everyone to see.


The dogs are the security of the apartment. They protect Napoleon at all costs. In return they get free rent and better treatment.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Manor Farm represent an apartment complex. This apartment is ran by a landlord who doesn’t care about any of the renters. All of the renters live in the same apartment, but unlike the managers they don’t get any privileges.

The Farmhouse

My farmhouse is the basement of the apartment that Mr. Jones would always keep locked. Napoleon stole the key from Mr. Jones and turned it into a place he only allowed managers in. Inside the managers would do things that they told everyone else was bad.

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