My Animal Farm


Shoes are selling but the employees aren’t getting paid enough. At Footlocker the manager Torrence and the co-managers, Whitney and Bobby, are complaining that they and the other employees are working to the bone but the money just isn’t right. The co-managers and the other workers are secretly holding meetings in the back of the store when the boss is out. They talk about going on strike, sticking up the boss, and attacking the head quarters. That’s just all talk until one day some new Retro Jordans came and they sold out. They then realized they were being treated as slaves.

They associates of the company, co-managers, and the workers over threw the bosses and Footlocker Corporations. Their problems didn’t stop there. The co-managers, associates, and other employees became grouped. The themes will be “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other” and “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”. These themes will tell us the problems of the legible Footlocker. This is a frame of Animal Farm because Animal Farm has the same concepts.


Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

My first theme is “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other”. This theme is accurate because the workers and associates split from Footlocker Corporations and the boss Mr. Jones. The reason is because of the underpay they were getting. Footlocker Corporations and the boss Mr. Jones were taking advantage of the workers and associates. They were working them like slaves and keeping most of the money.

Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant

My second theme is “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”. This theme starts when Tanisha, one of the co-managers, over hears Whitney the other conversation that involved Bobby the manager and the associates. Whitney feeds Tanisha head with all these lies about Bobby. Whitney then tells Tanisha to tell the other employees to spread those rumors. Being the ignorant trick that she is, she does it. Whatever Whitney said about Bobby was never true. For instance, Whitney says Bobby was against the increase of payment.



Representing mankind is Footlocker Head Quarters. They represent mankind because they are the ones who are working them like slaves and not willing to pay the workers. They think they are royal to all. They have all the money that won’t be shared.

Mr. Jones

Representing Mr. Jones is the boss Polo. He represent Mr. Jones because he is ahead of all the workers but he doesn’t get paid much and he follows behind the Head Quarters. He does what they tell him. He works the employees so hard and he drinks to hide his problems. Polo is going broke so he has to keep asking for money.


Representing the pigs are the associates of the company. They represent the pigs because they’re smart but they are being manipulated. They have people think for them but they aren’t leaders of their own. They let Whitney rule them. But they have to have some kind of ruler.

Old Major

Representing Old Major is Shakur. He represent Old Major because he leads his workers to a succcessful invasion. Before he was laid off he left the workers with something that will always be with them. He left them with a prayer his parents taught him. He also left them a dream that will later come true.


Representing Napoleon in my animal farm is one of the co-managers Whitney. She represents Napoleon because she is manipulative and only thinks about herself. She doesn’t think about her actions and how that effects others around her. She also uses people. She does become a great leader but the way she becomes leader is terrible in ones eyes.


Representing Snowball is Bobby. Bobby represents Snowball because his leadership skills are perfect. He uses his skills in a positive way. He was just too soft in heart. He was a push over. He didn’t have the guts to stand up for his self. His leadership and his politics is what made him become manager of the store.


Representing Squealer is none other than Tanisha. Tanisha symbolizes Squealer because she has to have some one think for her. She passes Whitney’s messages to the other workers. She listen to whatever Whitney says. Tanisha is also known for the instigator.


Representing the horses are the four workers. They represent the horses because they work hard but they aren’t that smart. When they work they put their all into the job. They are one of the reasons shoes has been selling so fast.


Representing Boxer is one of the employees name Quan. Quan is one hard working intern. He represents Boxer because he is a slow but he works to the bone no matter what the job is. All he want is for all the violence to stop and to stay on Whitney’s good side.


Representing the dogs are the three interns. They represent the dogs because they do whatever Whitney says. She has trained them to become successful. They are like her army. If Whitney says bark they bark and bite.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

Representing the Animal Farm is St. Louis, Galleria, Footlocker. The workers all originated in Footlocker. Might as well stay there and just take over.


Representing the Farmhouse is Footlocker HQ. Footlocker HQ represents the farmhouse because just like the farmhouse it’s the head building. For any troubles they to the HQ.



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