My Animal Farm


In the year 2020, aliens invaded Earth and enslaved humanity for their precious apple nuggets! Years later, the apple nugget reserves begin dropping and in response to this, the alien leaders claim that a disease is destroying the precious apple nuggets and bans the eating of the apples. The largest anti-alien group begins to question if the alien response is true or not and set out to find the truth. When the group gathers millions of supporters, they plan to kick the aliens off their planet so they can eat their apple nuggets. Things are going slowly until the wanderer Sun Sun stumbles upon a hidden storage complex containing millions of apple nuggets.  


Ideologies of Liberation Lead to Tyrannies

My first theme is “Ideologies of Liberation Lead to Tyrannies”. This means that the smartest person in the anti-alien group will say that he has the solution to the problem and everyone should listen to him. This course of action will result in that person controlling everyone who does what he says. Like in Animal Farm, after the animnals overthrow the tyrant, Mr.Jones, Napoleon replaces him as the tyrant by telling all the other animals what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Humans will Splits into Different Classes… And One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

My second theme, “Humans will Split into Different Classes… And One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other” describes the split of humanity after the aliens are removed from earth. Supporting the previous theme, the humans will get rid of the aliens and split up into two classes. Those who give instructions. And those who follow the instructions. Similar to the windmill, the main reason the humans split up is so they can build machines to produce apple nuggets.



Mankind in this story is…Mankind. Mankind is being ruled by the alien invaders and banned from eating apple nuggets. Mankind soon gets tired of this and overthrows their alien leaders. They believe that the aliens have no right to rule them and they should be able to eat their apple nuggets in peace without restrictions.

Mr. Jones

In my animal farm, the alien Bippity Bop Bobobo represents Mr.Jones. Bippity Bop Bobobo is the most powerful of all the aliens and part of the alien organization that rules the humans. He is very selfish and doesn’t care about anyone else but himself and often gives out harsh punishments to those who oppose him. 


The leaders of the anti-alien group represents the pigs in this story. They are the ones who started the group and first questioned the alien leader’s response to the apple nuggets reserves dropping. Because of this, the humans agree to have them as leaders afer the aliens are overthrown.

Old Major

In my animal farm, an old, wise monk, who is often called Great One, represents Old Major. From the beginning of the aliens’ rule, he often preached that humans are the rightful rulers of earth and that the aliens must be expelled. Even though he dies of illness before the overthrow of the alien leaders, his teachings remain in the minds of many and in books. Unfortunately, the books mysteriously disappear when the leaders of the anti-alien group gain too much power.


Napoleon in my animal farm is represented by James Whitcomb. He is a former disciple of the Great One and the second of the three main leaders who started the anti-alien group. Eventually, James comes to resent John,who represents Snowball in Animal Farm, for his ideas and simply because of his existance. James soon removes John from earth and takes over as the sole ruler of earth and humanity.


 John Paul represents Snowball in my animal farm. John is also a former disciple of the Great One like James and is the first of the three main leaders who started the anti-alien group. John almost never agrees with James on everything and so has a rivalry with him until James removes him from earth. John is very charismatic, intelligent, outgoing, and trustworthy.


Greg Lewis represents Squealer in my animal farm. Greg, like John and James, is a former disciple of the Great One and is the third of three main leaders who started the anti-alien group. Greg is a very persuasive speaker and can get anyone to believe what he says by throwing in nice words and making movements with his hands. He often tells decieving  reasons to support the anti-alien group and get rid of their alien rulers.   


The horses in my animal farm are represented by the average human citizens. These humans are hardworking, uneducated people who just want to eat apple nuggets. They simply work everyday and believe whatever they are told.  


Boxer is  represented by Noon Noon ( he isn’t related to the wanderer Sun Sun ) in my animal farm. Noon Noon is an uneducated, but very hardworking human who came from a poor farming family who couldn’t afford to send him to school. He is also big and muscular from working on his family’s farm. Because he is uneducated, but a very hardworker, he is later taken advantage of by James and the other two leaders of the anti-alien group.


The dogs in my animal farm are represented by the secret service who enforce Jame’s rules and laws, as well as protect him after John is expelled from earth. Because of the dogs, John’s rules and actions are not disobeyed or questioned.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

Manor Farm in my animal farm is represented as the planet earth where the aliens rule the humans. It is also the place where the apple nugget disease takes place and where all the characters and places are.

The Farmhouse

In my animal farm, the grand apple nugget storage complex represents the farmhouse. After the overthrow of the aliens, John and the other two leaders announced that noone should steal apple nuggets fromt the storage, because they would all be given out to everyone who worked equally.  The storage complex eventually becomes a palace for the three leaders of the group and their secret benefactors to secretly eat as many apple nuggets as they want.

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