My Own Animal Farm


My version of Animal Farm is a community of people who are stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. The pilot and a doctor immediately become the leaders of the group of survivors. As time goes on, the other people realize that the pilot and the doctor get better treatment than everyone else. The doctor is the main leader and he uses the pilot as his helper. The doctor and pilot tell the others that since the pilot is trained for emergency situations and the doctor can take care of the injured and sick, they need the best supplies and the best resources. They take more food and water in exchange for taking care of the injured and giving orders. The other people kill the pilot and doctor led by a man who died in the fight because they don’t want to give valuable resources to the people who don’t do anything. Then, two business men and an assistant take over. He is greedy and entitled. The people soon realize that he is not helping them either. He steals things from other people, claiming that since he is smart and he has managed people before, he should be in charge and have the best things so that he can continue to lead and live comfortably in exchange for his generous contribution of leading and keeping order.

Animal Farm and this situation have a lot in common. In both, there is a group of people (or animals) that is left without a leader. In both, a new leader emerges, but ends up not making things much better. This is an example of the theme that tells us that humans will split into different classes and one will take advantage of the other. In Animal Farm and on the island, when there is no leader, a new one emerges to take power. Both are also examples of how ideologies of liberation often lead to tyrannies. In both cases, the people’s freedom is ended by the development of a tyranny caused by the fact that the people are convinced by the leaders that if the leaders are in charge things will be better. In Animal Farm, Napoleon does this and on the island the businessmen convince everyone that they know how to best organize everything, so people should listen to them.


Theme 1

Theme 1 is that humans will split into different classes and one will take advantage of the other. In the situation I have created, the people kill the original leaders because they got better treatment. The people hope that without them, there can be equality. This is a false hope because soon after, someone new takes over. This new leader is even worse than the last leaders. He is very greedy and he doesn’t even contribute some incredibly useful skill like the doctor.

Theme 2

Theme 2 is that ideologies of liberation often lead to tyranny. The business man promises to keep everything in order and make sure that everything gets started to make their lives better while people get used to life without the leaders, but he slowly takes more and more from the others and works less and less until he has the best resources and the only job he does is control other people.



In this situation, mankind are the doctor and pilot. They did contribute a little and they had power like the pigs. They also had more and better things than everyone else and didn’t do as much work as everyone else.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the doctor. Both characters have control from the beginning. They both take from others and contribute little in return. Neither one really cares about the people of whom they are taking advantage. The doctor takes food, water, books, and other materials from others to make his life better. He does help out with medical care, but he mostly just tells others how to take care of the people without actually doing it himself. He does as little as possible, but he does just enough to hide the fact that he doesn’t care about anyone else.


The pigs are the businessmen and their assistant. Both the pigs and the business men are greedy and controlling. They gain power without the others really noticing until it’s too late.

Old Major

Old Major and the man who led the people who murdered the doctor and pilot are the same. They both create the idea of rebellion which succeeds. They both die before the leaders are gone. The man who led the rebellion on the island wanted what was best for the other people. He hoped for a better life for all of them once they got rid of the selfish leaders. He was an old man who convinced everyone that life would be much better if they could just live as equals without a greedy leader.


Napoleon is businessman 1. Businessman 1 is greedy and controlling. He, along with businessman 2 and the assistant, takes over after the people rebel against the former leaders. He is similar to Napoleon because he is greedy, powerful, and he gets rid of businessman 2 like Napoleon gets rid of Snowball. After a while, businessman 1 finds that he doesn’t need businessman 2 and gets rid of him to gain absolute control.


Snowball and businessman 2 are similar because they both gain control after the original leaders are overthrown, they both don’t plan to make decisions all by themselves, and they both are forced from power by someone else that wants absolute power. Businessman 1 kills businessman 2 and Napoleon chases Snowball off the farm. Businessmen 1 and 2 didn’t get along like Napoleon and Snowball.


Squealer and the businessmen’s assistant are similar. They both work for the leaders and have better lives than common people. Also, they both help convince others that the leader is only trying to do what is best for the people even though it is not true. The assistant receives special treatment because he works with the businessmen. Squealer and the assistant both spread lies to make it look like the tyrants were good.


The horses were similar to the fishermen because they  both worked hard to supply for their communities. The fishermen worked for many hours every day to catch enough fish to feed all of the survivors.


Boxer was similar to the hardest working fisherman. Both Boxer and the hardworking fisherman did more work than others, woke up earlier to work, were not well educated, and did not question what they were told. They both wanted the rebellion to succeed so they worked as hard as they possibly could.


The dogs are like the two men who protected the businessman because they both protected the leaders and they weren’t afraid to injure others. Napoleon trained the dogs to defend him like the businessman convinced the men to protect him. The men the businessman used to protect him were convicts who were supposed to be flown to a jail. The businessman said he would tell everyone they were criminals and have them killed if they didn’t protect him.


 The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The island full of plane crash survivors represents my Animal Farm. The island is where the rebellion happens and they tyranny begins. An island full of desperate people is a good representation of the Animal Farm because no matter what life couldn’t be easy for the stranded people or the farm animals.

The Farmhouse

The plane wreckage is the farmhouse because it is the best shelter since it is already built, made out of metal, and it has seats in it. First the pilot and doctor shared it. Then when the businessman took over, he started living in it.



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