My Animal Farm


In modern China, students are beginning to rebel against all forms of education. After a recent speech from their leader Xi Jinping , students are refusing to do all homework and class work assigned. Students are refusing to do all homework ,because  Xi  explained to them that  all their education won’t be needed when they are working in Apple’s sweatshops. Every student over the age of 8 is now forced to work in Apple’s sweatshop. All women who work for Apple have to get their tubes tied to insure they won’t  get any days off due to their pregnancy.

All students average about $120.00 a month that’s about a $1.12 per hour. students are beginning to get fed up with being over-worked and under -paid, so the  student come together and plan to eject Xi from office. The plan was a success. Now there’s a highly intelligent group of 8-14 year olds ruling the fourth largest country in the world. The students chose a new leader named Yoshida Akio. Akio promised no one would ever be forced to work and women could have as many children as they wanted. Akio later begins facing problems, there are no workers so he can’t earn money to provide for China’s citizens. Now Akio is forced to make all of his citizens work in Apple’s sweatshop regardless of their age. “Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies”, which is also shown in Animal Farm by George Orwell.  Adults began to take advantage of the students because of their age, but little do the adults know Akio had been preparing for this moment. Akio planned to have any adult, who tries to take over to be exiled. The theme, that can also be seen in Animal Farm is ” Age doesn’t Determine Intelligence”. These themes are shown to be a prime example of the dangers of taking advantage of age.


Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

Akio is fed up with people turning against him, even though he is providing a large enough salary to be stable for all of his working families. The older workers are trying to persuade Akio he should pay the young workers less, since they have less expenses. Akio begins to pay all of his workers less, because he is tired of living a harsh life, for ungrateful people. As Akio begins to save large amount of money, he builds statues of him self and has his citizens bow down to it and bring offerings to his statue.

 Age doesn’t Determine Intelligence

Akio knew the adults would try to take advantage of him, since he was a child. Akio planned to put the idea in everyone’s mind, that they wouldn’t have to work just to get them to make him the leader. Akio also knew his citizens were very gullible, so he made it seem like he lessened the workers salaries as a punishment, but it was another step to get the adults removed easier.



Mankind represents the factory, Apple, as a unit.  there are many sweatshops ran by Apple all of the world. just like in

Animal Farm, there are many different farms.Ran by different people, with the same tactics in being a leader or land owner.

Mr. Jones

The Mr. Jones in this story is Aoi Osamu, he is the owner of this individual sweatshop . Aoi is angry, unfair, abusive, and disrespectful to everyone. Aoi beats the children and elderly for showing up late. Aio kills the babies of all pregnant women by hitting them.


The pigs in  this story represents the students, who over through Xi after he overworked them.

Old Major

Old Major represents the elderly, who were wise and new when Xi was up to no good.


Napoleon represents Akio Yoshida, the elected leader after  Xi was overthrown. Akio later begins to show signs of becoming a tyrant just like Napoleon.


Snowball represents the adults ,who Aoki saw as threats and exiled them.


Squealer represents Hiyan, Hiyan is one of Aoki loyal friends. Hiyan spreads good things, bout Aoki to get him elected.


The horses represents the elderly,who are forced to work. Because they don’t have an education.


Boxer is represented by a group of people, who are  hard workers and are paid less because they’re not educated enough to know they’re under-paid.


The dogs represent the poorest class of people, who can’t afford to live a stable life because they get paid less and are poorer than other families.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The Animal Farm is the is the Apple sweatshop in Japan were all the events take place. The people are forced to stay at the sweatshops, because they don’t get paid enough to live in a house.

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse represents Aoi’s office, that has a lot of nice things such as a tv , food,microwave , and stacks of money.

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