Lessons I’ve Learned

In 2013 during the ending of the first semester, I was accepted to Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience after an interview with Mr. Clatto. I was 14 when I made the transition to this high school. Unlike my previous school, Lift for Life Academy, CSMB’s curriculum was more challenging.

One of the reasons I transferred to CSMB was because I felt to smart and superior at LFLA. I didn’t want to feel that way. I wanted to see what it would feel like to be surrounded by students that I know are smarter than me. I didn’t know much about the school when I came here, but one thing I did know was it would be a great challenge.

When I became an owl at Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience, there were many things that started to bring me down that I had never noticed in middle school. I then realized I have a long way to go.

Personal Strengths


Responsibility is one  of my strengths I had noticed around the age of 12. I took responsibility for all of my actions and never denied them. I wasn’t the first to notice this trait regarding me. It was a member of my church.

Being responsible gave me a lot of privileges that took great responsibility. If there was a mistake I made or something that I didn’t complete, I wouldn’t make an excuse nor blame it on someone.


I am very friendly. I would love to be friends with anyone. If I see that you are new at my school, I would love to show you around a bit. I might even introduce you to my friends.

I love having the opportunity to make a new friend. I’m very nice to any and everyone. My real friends tell me I need to change that and higher my standards. I think they’re just over reacting.


I love helping people! If I see anyone that needs help, I will help them. Helping is just one of my biggest habits because I have been raised to help. I have no problem with helping anyone.

Being helpful can bring me a long way thought high school and college. I love to volunteer for anything. Community service is a great example. I would do that with no hesitation. I’m helping the community and the people in it, and I find that very important in life.


I want to learn more. Once I get interested in something, I want to learn more about it. Being curious can be a door to many opportunities. People look at how much you’re into something, and that’s a lot for me.

I think everyone goes through the stage of curiosity as a infant/toddler. Apparently, I’m still in this stage. It’s good to be like this. It’s like your brain is forcing you to learn more. It just wants more!

Being Prepared

I am prepared for everything school related. I come to school with everything, and never forget anything. I have all my supplies once I enter my classroom. I really don’t ask for anything unless I don’t feel like going into my book bag.

This is a very important trait in life. Everyone should be prepared because once you enter college, you won’t be able to go back to your dorm room and get a pencil.

Reading Out Loud

I have no problem with reading out loud. I once participated in a public speaking activity, and I’m not really shy to read in front of anyone. I’m not really shy at all.

This is a great trait for college and jobs. It could be also good to mention in an interview. If you’re a great speaker, then let them know it. Speaking isn’t for everyone, but I just so happen to be fitted for it.

As I was a child, I never thought I would be such a great speaker because of dyslexia. Miracles happen!

Personal Weaknesses

Distracted Easily

One of my biggest weaknesses would have to be getting distracted. Every little thing distracts me. I could see a bead drop on the floor and just be staring at it for the next 2 minutes. It’s ridiculous!

This isn’t good for me at all. In college I’m going to have to listen to every word in a class, and I can’t miss anything. This can prevent me from learning a whole lesson. I think this is one of the biggest traits I need to work on.

Bad Listening Skills

I’m horrible at listening to people. I listen, but I guess I just don’t comprehend. It’s a certain way you have to talk to me to listen. For example teachers; when they talk so boring and deadly with no movement, I listen but it doesn’t stay in my head. It goes though one ear, and leave out the other.

This can also prevent me from learning a lesson. Sometimes I’ll ask a question and it’ll be what the teacher just said, so sometimes I’ll be afraid to raise my hand and ask a question.


Another weakness is overthinking. I always think the teachers have a trick to their work and they don’t want simple answers. If I get asked the simplest question, I will take forever answering it because my mind just makes it hard for me.

Overthinking is such a bad habit of mines. It not beneficial at all. It won’t do anything but prevent me from finishing my work. As I’m getting older, I am slowly leaving this habit aside. It was once worse than it is now.


My whole life is filled with doubts. You will never hear an “I will” nor an “I can” out of me. If something is really difficult and I have the feeling I can’t accomplish it, then I just give up after I tried a few times.

I need to improve. Doubts should be nowhere in my life. They make it difficult for me to trust myself. They won’t help me at all. I would grow withdrawn and sullen.

Talk A Lot

I talk too much. I noticed this in 6th grade because I had always gotten in trouble for just talking. I had to always get my seat switched, but it wouldn’t change a thing because I was cool with everyone.

Talking can result into many consequences. I really need to grow out of this because it will do nothing in college. During my classes at least. I think talking is just a part of my personality. It won’t go anywhere.


“I don’t feel like it” and “That’s doing too much” is what you would here mostly from me regarding work. Unless it’s fun, I don’t feel like doing anything. For example this assignment; I took one whole week to start on it, and I had 2 weeks, but I’m still getting it finished. Working is just not my thing!

I also think I’m slowly putting this trait aside too. The more homework I get makes me care more about my grades which gives my brain a sign that I need to get “x” out the way so “y and z” can also be done. Lately, I have been surprisingly organized.

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