My Animal Farm


Since the early 1900′s, the Amour family has been ruling Morocco. After many generations of rulers, the family had fallen into corruption. Thousands of protests and anti government rallies had been put down with brutal force. Nearly all anti government leaders had been jailed and executed. The economy had plummeted  due to the lack of jobs and safe working conditions. After years of these unbearable conditions, the people finally rose up against their oppressive government, led by the Salati family.

After years of pain, suffering, and bloodshed, peace finally prevails. The country sees some of it’s most productive years in centuries, but as time goes on the Salati family gains more and more power. They begin to take advantage of the working class and seem to constantly be increasing in wealth, while the middle class continues to fall into poverty. This is the theme ” Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other.” The government also takes advantage of the ignorance of the populace. This is the theme ” Education Is Important for Society.” Animal Farm will be used as a frame to explore these two themes. In Animal Farm, theses themes are used in a similar manner.


Humans will split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

My first theme is “Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class will Take Advantage of the Other.” After the Revolution, the Salati family gained a great deal of power and responsibility. Majority of the populace believed that the family would fulfill a kind and just rule. However, as time went on, the control of the government slowly slipped into the hand’s of the Salatis.

They began to make certain rules limiting the peoples role in decision making. In Animal Farm, the pigs took control of the government. As time went on, they began to seclude themselves from the rest of the animals. The other animals on the farm were no longer allowed certain rights that Animalism granted them. The same is true for the Salatis. While at first they seemed to uphold social well being, they slowly turned their rule into one of Communism.

Education is Important for Society

My second theme is “Education is Important for Society.” Nearly all of the Moroccans are uneducated. The issue with this is if the government begins to transgress on their rights, the people have no way of stopping it. In Animal Farm, due to the lack of education among majority of the animals, the animals have no way to criticize or critique anything Napoleon and the pigs do. The people of Morocco have no choice but to do whatever the Salatis say because they don’t have the intellectual capability to question the family’s orders.



In my animal farm, the original ruling family of Morocco, the Amours, represent mankind. They took full advantage of the people and lavished in all the wealth of the economy. They neither cared for the people nor did they rule justly.

Mr. Jones

In my animal farm, Abdulkareem Amour represents Mr. Jones. Abdulkareem is the leader of the Amour family. He shows little concern for the civilians and their well being. Many times he would watch as his people died from disease and starvation while he lived of their lively hood.


In my animal farm, the Salati family represents the pigs in Animal Farm. They were the first family to help spark the revolution against the Amours and after the revolution gained power. While a few in the house seemed to uphold socialist ideas, the family became Communist. They took nearly all of the rights given to the civilians after the revolution away and the people were in a worse state than from the time of the Amours.

Old Major

Omar Salati represents Old Major in my animal farm. Omar was the first to propose the idea of an uprising. Omar died before the revolution took place.  However, he was the inspiring legend that allowed the overthrow of the Amours to occur. His dream withered away however when his family began to transgress their power.


Sufyan Salati represents Napoleon in my animal farm. Sufyan takes control of the government after he drives his brother out of Morocco. Though Sufyan is very cruel at times, he is extremely smart and at times very devious. He cheats the people into thinking that his brother had evil intentions and would have ruled with much cruelty. He, on the other hand, was the more tyrannical of the two.


Abdullah Salati represents Snowball in my animal farm. Abdullah is the brother of Sufyan and is the wiser and kinder of the two. With the help of the army, Sufyan drives Abdullah out of Morocco, but many keep him in their thoughts. Abdullah is more passionate and uses his intelligence to convince others of his views. Though Sufyan does well to rub Abdullah’s name in the dirt, some people still believe Abdullah was the better of the two.


Mustafa Salati represents Squealer in my animal farm. Mustafa is part of the Salati family, and is an extraordinary speaker. Sufyan uses Mustafa to spread his propaganda. Mustafa has an amazing capability to be able to convince anyone about anything. The people trust whatever he says, just as the animals believed everything Squealer conveyed to them.


In my animal farm, the working class represents the horses. They have nearly no education, but like the horses of Animal Farm, they are extremely hard working. The working class is holding the economy of Morocco on their backs, single handedly. Many of the working class live in dire conditions, yet they still seem to never complain.


Hakeem Borani represents Boxer in my animal farm. Since the time of the Amours, Hakeem has been the most hard working and loyal man to the country. After the revolution, his work ethics remained the same. Hakeem’s primary job was to tend to the garden of the royal family, but he also drove his own cab, worked at local soup kitchens,and was the imam for his local neighborhood. Hakeem is one of the most loyal to the Salati family, and they take full advantage of him.


The army represents the dogs in my animal farm. The army is under the control of the Salati family, so they do whatever the family orders to be done. The army is well equipped with weapons and machinery, where as the civilians have nothing to defend themselves with. The Salati family uses the army to enforce their rules, should force be needed.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The country of Morocco represents The Animal Farm/Manor Farm in my animal farm. This is the country that the revolution took place in and the Salatis are now in power. Abdullah has to flee Morocco when his brother, Sufyan, takes over.

The Farmhouse

The palace represents The Farmhouse in my animal farm. This is where the Amour family used to live and now where the Salati family resides. No civilians are allowed to enter the palace unless they are working there. The family lives in luxury in the palace while people starve outside of it.

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