My Animal Farm


Tahoora Bakery on Devon Street in Chicago, Illinois is being infiltrated by immigrant employees and child labor! Employees are forced to work immensely long hours and are paid very little. Families aren’t getting enough money on the job in order to support their families. Most people can’t stand this minimum wage and decide to find another job. On the other hand, the people who need at least some money for their families, stay. Women help their husbands support their families. The working women get paid way less than the men. Children are obligated to start working around the age of 9 or 10. The men, women, and children are all tired of all of the labor that they have to put up with.

Among the employees, some very sensitive employees felt that they were being abused and taken advantage of and that their rights were being violated. These employees decided that they needed to take action! These employees started to reach out to other employees to gain their support to take action and to start a rebellion. Fortunately, the workers were able to overthrow the owner of Tahoora Bakery with their rebellion. All of the employees believed that everything would be fair and peaceful after the rebellion, but they were wrong. Since the older employees were wiser, they decided that they would govern all of the other workers. The older workers reassured the rest of the employees that everyone would be treated equally. The older employees lied and made all of the younger employees work harder than they ever did before and paid them less. By doing this, these older employees were setting the same working conditions as the original Tahoora Bakery owners did. This is an example of the theme “Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other.”  Here, the older employees became the leaders. They started taking advantage of the other workers because they were more educated, had more experience, and were wiser. With education, people gain knowledge and skills that they can use to benefit themselves and the society. This theme is called “Education Is Important For Society.” Both of these themes are seen in Animal Farm. The story, Animal Farm by George Orwell, will be used as a frame in order to explore these two themes in more depth.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…And One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

About one year after the rebellion, the situation between the workers started to change. Although all of the workers rebelled against the previous Tahoora Bakery owner together, there was a split between a few older employees and the rest of the employees. Since the older workers believed that they were more educated and smarter than the others, they decided to rule the rest of the employees in Tahoora Bakery. Similarly, in Animal Farm, the pigs were the smartest animals on the farm and ruled all of the other animals. The majority of the younger employees had little or no education and had limited understanding of their employment rights and situation. The two supervisors (older employees) of the bakery started to quarrel. Surely, they both were the top notch dogs in the bakery, but one of the supervisors wanted full control. He decided to throw the other supervisor out of the bakery. Now, there was one leader who had absolute power. However, too much power can be bad. The workers were forced to work harder than they ever had to in their lives. The worse part was that the leader decided to keep their wages as low as possible. Basically, the leader was exploiting employees basic rights and taking advantage of their situation. Similarly, in Animal Farm, the pigs, especially Napoleon, started to take advantage of all of the other animals.

Education is Important for Society

Education plays a huge role in people’s lives. As a result education has a big impact on society. The younger workers at Tahoora Bakery were not aware of what was happening around them. Why? The workers had limited education. They had limited ideas of their basic employment rights. Whenever the workers were told to do any extra work for longer hours without compensation, they would do it. The workers didn’t have the ability to ask questions about the orders made by their leader.The younger workers didn’t know the difference between truth or lies. Similarly, in Animal Farm, Napoleon orders the other animals to do whatever he wants them to do. The animals don’t have the knowledge to question Napoleon, so they just listen to Napoleon’s orders.



In my animal farm, the owner and his corporation of Tahoora Bakery represents mankind. They are the ones who forced the workers to work extra for long hours with little or no compensation. The owner and his corporation wanted all of the wealth for themselves because they were selfish. They were not willing to pay the workers.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones in my animal farm is a man named Aziz. Aziz is the owner of  Tahoora Bakery in Chicago. He is a very selfish, unfair, and rude man. He is so ignorant and doesn’t care about the other workers. He treats all of the workers as if they were his slaves. He takes advantage of poor families and makes their children start working at a very young age and then abuses their rights. He gets paid way more than any other worker even though the workers do the most labor and hard work. Aziz does not pay the workers well for their services.  This makes all of the workers really hate Aziz.


The pigs in my animal farm represent the older workers. After the rebellion, the older workers become the leaders of the Tahoora Bakery. Since the older workers are more educated and smarter, they decided that they would be the right candidates to rule the other uneducated workers.

Old Major

Old Major in my animal farm is a man named Habib. Habib is one of the senior workers in this bakery and is about to retire. Throughout his employment history, Habib has never seen such unfairness and selfishness as he did in Tahoora Bakery. Two weeks before his death, he planted an idea into the minds of all of the other workers: to plan a rebellion. This idea shapes the whole story into place.


Napoleon represents a man named Fahad. After the rebellion, Fahad saw the opportunity and decided to take control of all of the other workers. He ousted the other older leader, his cousin, Hamid, out of the bakery. Now, Fahad had absolute power and could make the other workers do whatever he wanted them to do. He used propaganda to make the workers think that his cousin, the older leader, was a bad man. This shows that Fahad is a very mischievous and sly person.


Hamid represents Snowball in my animal farm. Hamid and Fahad are cousins. Hamid is way nicer than Fahad and actually cares about the other workers. Hamid wants the best for the bakery and for the workers. Hamid is known as a brave leader because he fought bravely during the rebellion. However, once Hamid got kicked out of the bakery by Fahad, Fahad started to blame all of the bakery’s problems on Hamid. This made the workers hate Hamid.


Squealer in my animal represents a man named Riaz. Riaz works for Fahad. He is Fahad’s loyal messenger. He delivers all of Fahad’s messages to all of the other workers. Fahad’s words go through Riaz. He usually convinces the workers that everything is fair and okay and the workers believe everything Riaz tells them.


The horses in my animal farm represent the uneducated workers, such as the children. The children are not educated enough to rebel or to question any of the orders made by Fahad. They are the hardest workers in the bakery and they try to do their best. The working class are the ones who keep the whole bakery in tip top shape. Sure, their job is hard work, but instead of protesting for their rights, they just do what they are told to do by Fahad.


Mustafa, a 10 year old boy, represents Boxer in my animal farm. Mustafa is one of  the most loyal, hard  working child in the bakery. Mustafa earns the least amount of money. However, Mustafa doesn’t care about the amount of money he gets. He enjoys doing whatever Fahad wants him to do. One of Mustafa’s sayings is “I will always work harder.” and he surely does.


The dogs represent Fahad’s personal bodyguards. They protect Fahad from any danger. They support Fahad in whatever ways. They drive the workers out of the bakery if they didn’t obey Fahad’s orders. They kept the rest of the workers from questioning Fahad’s orders.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

Tahoora Bakery in Chicago represents Animal Farm. This is the place where all of the employees including the children were abused as they forced to work very hard for longer hours with minimal salary. This is the place where the employees started the rebellion.

The Farmhouse

The farmhouse represents Aziz’s house. Aziz’z house is located right next to the bakery. None of the employees were ever allowed to enter Aziz’s house because it was his personal space. However, after the rebellion, all of the older employees started to move there. They even started to sleep in beds and wore some of Aziz’s old clothes.

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