My Animal Farm


Employees all over the world that work for McDonalds are underpaid. They are paid minimum wage. McDonalds wants the best workers, but want to pay them minimum wage. Corporate and Mr. Jones are not willing to up the employees pay. Corporate says restaurant managers, cashiers, janitors, and other employees are ready to quit because of this issue. Some have already quit. Some workers are fine with the minimum wage, but they don’t take pride in what they do. They goof off, run around the restaurant with each other, some even steal the food.

Employees are tired of working for minimum wage. They went on strike, nothing changed, so they dethroned corporate. There are many problems within the McDonalds Corporation, but this is the biggest one. A notion of welfarism came to light between corporate and employees. The themes will be “Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other” and “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”. Both of these themes explain the conflicts at McDonalds.


 Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage Of The Other.

My first theme is “Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other”.  It’s been a while since the employees overthrew corporate and Mr. Jones. That caused a split between the workers. They split because of welfarism, and soon one group will take  advantage of the other.

Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control The Ignorant

My second theme is ”Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant.” This theme starts off with squealer as one of the co-managers. Squealer eavesdrops into a conversation between Napoleon and another McDonald’s Corporation, which Snowball as joined.



Mankind is the Capitalists and Royalty. In this story, Mankind consist of Mr. Jones and Corporate. They are really mean, harsh, and not willing to pay their Employees.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the owner of McDonalds. He ran everything here until he and corporate got overthrown. He is mean, rude,and harsh and doesn’t pay his workers.


The store-management and the co-management represent the pigs in animal Farm. These people take advantage of the employees. The employees think that the corporate cares and respects them but the corporate does not. They take all the power after they overthrew Mr. Jones.

Old Major

Old Major in my animal farm is represented as a semi- retired manager who is still working part-time in McDonalds . Old major has been working at McDonalds for the longest time, and has seen how corporate works and communicates with McDonalds. He has seen unfairness, laziness, and selfishness by the corporate and Mr. Jones.


Napoleon in my animal farm is represented as a co- manager, and then later on he moves up to a store manager in McDonalds. Napoleon is very jealous of how Snowball moved into a higher position than him, but at the same is very happy that he is out of his way. Napoleon is glad that he is in full power, and now he can control everything his way.


Snowball in my animal farm is represented as a co-manager at first. Later on, he becomes a member of the corporate group with a different McDoalds. He fought bravely during the rebellion. He was known to be a good and fair leader. After he left to become a member of corporate with a different McDonalds, every worker thought that he had betrayed them. He was also driven away by Napoleon.


Squealer is represented as co-manager in my animal farm. He works for Napoleon. He listens to whatever Napoleon has to say. He is known to be a very good speaker. He passes down Napoleon messages to the workers.


The horses are represented as the working class with the employees and the associates. They are the ones who get treated like slaves, they work hard and for long hours with minimum wage.


Boxer is represented as a very hardworking, and strong employee in my Animal Farm. He does not pay much attention to much money he is getting for the work he does. All he will ever say that he needs to work harder! He is not very educated, so he does not know much about what is happening around him.


The dogs are represented as the security guards for Napoleon. He has security guards for his own protection


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Manor Farm in Animal Farm represents the actual McDonalds resturrant. The reason it represents the resturant is because this where my entire story takes place. Also this is the resturamt where all the workers jobs are.

The Farmhouse

My farmhouse represents a abandoned warehouse left by Mr. Jones which is now bought by some of his old employees who worked at McDonalds.

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