My Animal Farm


Welcome to North Shore high school. This school was founded in 1912. It is your typical neighborhood high school in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois. Many of the kids that go here have been going to school since they were in diapers. In the middle school, everyone was equal and friends, however, when you got to high shcool it was a matter of sink of swim. If you couldn’t keep up with what is cool in high school, you just might lose your best friend who you had every class with. In North Shore highschool students started dividing into cliques and falling into there own hierarchy within the school. Well you have your first grouping which consists of your freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Then it gets a little more specific. At the top of the high school food chain, or the hots, are your Varsity athletes, cheerleaders, and rich prepsters. Next down from them, or the nots, you have junior varsity athletes, party kids, athletic girls, and scenesters. At the bottom, or the barfs, are  pot-heads, geeks, drama kids, new kids, and emos.

For years, the hots have been ruling the hallways of North Shore and have everyone envying them. In 2013, a new girl named Stacey transferred to North Shore in her junior year. Since she was new, she automatically fell into the barfs category. She was very pretty and some girls from the hots wanted to allow her to come and sit with them at lunch. At North Shore, where you sit at lunch is everything. A spot at the hots table could have boosted Stacey’s social standing tremendously, however she turned down the offer. Stacey did not believe in these “cliques.” She, the barfs, the nots, and even some of the hots started a revolution at North Shore. This doesn’t turn out how Stacey plans in the end. The two most important themes are humans split into classes and one class will take advantage of another and manipulating language/message helps control the ignorant.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

Stacey was successful in her overthrow of the hots. She and her new found group, who now call themselves the Undertakers have been the most popular kids in school. They are all against the hots but now a major power vacuum has arisen. The original barfs fill the position. Katelynn, a member of the nots overthrows Stacey. In her ruling, she became exactly what they were trying to get rid of. As the months go by, the original barfs (parallel to the pigs of Animal Farm) find themselves splitting into classes. The upper class of the Undertakers consists of Katelynn, the athletic girls, and the geeks. This group of kids were smarter and took control of rest of the Undertakers, now referred to as the lower class. The upper class takes advantage of the lower class and in turn gets them to become like little minions.

 Manipulating Language/Messages Help Control the Ignorant

In Katelynn’s rule, she was very manipulative. Not only was she good with words, but she was so pretty that most of the males did whatever she wanted them to do simply because they all had a crushes on her. Most of the lower class and people who were being controlled were being controlled because they were ignorant and fell victim to whatever Katelynn told them to do. They were not educated enough to realize that she was taking advantage of them in everything she did.



In my Animal Farm, mankind is represented by all the hots. They were all in control all the way up until Stacey came to North Shore high. They are only worried about themselves and didn’t care about how they made anyone under them feel. They are greedy and conceited.

Mr. Jones

In my Animal Farm, Mr. Jones is represented by Heather. She is a senior and the captain of the cheer leading squad. She is a very mean girl. She is easily distracted and not very smart. She only cares about her self; and her boyfriend Josh.


The upper class of the Undertaker represents the pigs. They started the Undertaker movement hoping to help others out by making the North Shore hallways an equal place for all; until the leader Stacey gets overthrown. When this happens, the whole Undertaker movement becomes corrupt.

Old Major

My Old Major is Lizzie. She was a junior that used to go to North Shore and recently transferred. She was the first one to propose equality for all students. When she transfers schools, Stacey takes her place as head of the Undertakers.


My Napoleon is Katelynn. She has always wanted to be the leader but was never strong enough to start an entire revolution. When Stacey spearheads the Undertaker movement, Katelynn befriends her and encourages her the whole way only so that she can take all of Stacey’s hard work and steal her empire.


My Snowball is Stacey. She takes on the role as leader after Lizzie changes schools. She wants equality for all of the North Shore students. It quickly backfires when Katelynn turns all of the students against her.


My Squealer is Josh. Josh is Katelynn’s boyfriend. He helps spread Katelynn’s good name and turns all the students to team Katelynn. Katelynn likes Josh, but she uses him to gain followers.


The horses are represented by the junior varsity boys, drama kids, scenesters, and new kids. These students work hard simply because the want to make their way up the social hierarchy of high school. They will do anything to make themselves look better in the eyes of the upper class.


My Boxer is Heath. Heath is a bigger guy but not the sharpest tool in the shed. He is also easily manipulated. Katelynn takes advantage of Heath and makes him do her dirty work. He does whatever she wants not only because he knows no better, but also because he has a crush on her.


In my Animal Farm, the dogs are Katelynn’s posse. It includes some yes men and some protectors. They help keep Katelynn safe after she overthrows Stacey. They are very mean and harsh. They also do not care about hurting anyone feelings.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal Farm is North Shore high. It is a very big campus and it is where all the characters go to school Monday through Friday from 7:45-2:07. It is here that Stacey plans to make a change.

The Farmhouse

My Farmhouse is the school gymnasium. It is here that the upperclassmen do there business. No one is allowed inside with out a member of the upper class. Here is where they also distribute all the common goods.


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