My Animal Farm


My animal farm takes place in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri in the year 0f 2012 in a close-knit neighborhood in the summer. The teenagers and children of the neighborhood decided to create their very own lemonade stand and to equally distribute the earning amongst them all. But, the kids could not successfully run a lemonade stand without help from their parents. So they agreed to give some of their earnings to the parents in return of letting them sell lemonade. The parents happily agreed.

Their lemonade stand was a complete success, but none of the kids profited from any of it. The parents took all of the money for themselves and made false promises of giving the kids their profits. The teenagers of the group of kids were finally fed up. They proposed to the younger kids that they should rebel against the parents and to never give them any of their earnings ever again. The children agreed, only due to the fact that they always do what they’re told and are extremely gullible.

Now that the parents were out of the business, a vacuum of power arose. The teenagers eventually received a higher pay than the smaller children and the rules got harsher and harsher. The teenagers had become tyrants!


Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

My first theme is Ideologies of “Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies”. After the power that was being rebelled against is gone, there is a power vacuum. Eventually someone will have to lead and make decisions for the group. Most of the time, that person turns greedy and selfish. The teenagers had all of the answers, until there was a power vacuum. The teenagers eventually stepped up as the leaders and became greedy with the profits of the lemonade stand.

Education is Important for Society

The smaller children were far less educated than the teenagers, and they basically believed everything that they said. They were gullible and did not know the risks of the power vacuum after a rebellion. If the children were educated, they could realize that what the teenagers were doing was not fair, and that they needed to be stopped.



Mankind represents the parents. The parents took advantage of the children, lied and cheated them.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones was the parent that pretended to support the children but stole their money and distributed it to the other parents.


The pigs are represented as the teenagers. After the rebellion against the parents was complete, the teenagers gained power over the rest of the children.

Old Major

Old Major is a teen, who, from the beginning of the creation of the lemonade stand, saw that what the parents were doing was not fair. Sam eventually had to leave the state for a summer camp, so they could not see the outcome of the rebellion.


Napoleon is Old Major’s best friend. Napoleon always looked up to Old Major, but he always followed his lead. Napoleon was really never recognized until Old Major left for summer camp. After the rebellion, Napoleon became power hungry and extremely selfish.


Snowball was also a good friend of Old Major. Snowball always was the friend who had a plan for everything. All of the economics and building was planned by Snowball and he was looked to as the smartest teenager of the whole neighborhood. He was nice and always did the right thing.


Squealer was a teenager who always tried to be friends with Old Major. He always butted in on conversations and worshiped Old Major. He spread gossip about all of the ongoing issues in the neighborhood. After the rebellion, Squealer aided Napoleon in lying to the other children.


The horses are represented as the children that work at the lemonade stand, but receive no profit. They are hard working, but are looked at as naive and gullible, as they are. After the rebellion, they do anything Napoleon says and believes any lie that Napoleon tells them.


Boxer is one of the smaller children. Boxer is the most hardworking of all of the children. He supports the rebellion and does not like that the parents are stealing the money. After the rebellion, Boxer believes anything that the older kids tell him, and he refuses to disobey them. Eventually, Boxer works too hard and his mother demands him to never work for the lemonade stand again.


The dogs are the known bullies of the teenagers. The bullies will go as far as beating up a smaller kid if they dare to disobey Napoleon.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

The Animal Farm, originally known as the Manor Farm, represents the lemonade business.

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is represented by Mr. Jones’ old treehouse that is now used for the teenagers to live and rule in.

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