My Animal Farm


Underpaid employees are lining up in Walmart stores all across the country of U.S.! Walmart wants to stick up for valued workers or employees who perform their position well. Corporate and Mr. Jones is not willing to give the extra pay to the employees. From associates to cashiers, to trainers, corporate Walmart is reaping the benefits and rewards of underpaying employees. Store management says that they are beginning to lose excellent employed workers because of this. The only workers that want to work for minimum wage do not work well and are very lazy, just enough to satisfactory evaluation. Corporate workers are working the associates and the employees for long hours with less pay, and treating them like slaves.

The associates and the employees are tired of working hard with minimum wage, and they overthrow corporate. The workers problems do not end there, a concept of Socialism arises between employees and the co-management or store management. The themes will be “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other” and “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant”. Both of these themes tell us the problems in the Walmart which is clearly explained. Animal farm is used as a frame because this story uses the same ideas and concepts as it does in Animal Farm.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other

My first theme is “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the other.” It has been a long time since the associates and the employees overpowered the corporate and Mr.Jones, and now there is a split between the workers. The reason for the split was because of socialism, and soon one group of workers will take advantage of another. It starts off with Napoleon and Snowball who are the two co-managers. They both held the same top ranking position within the store. Napoleon announced at a store meeting that snowball would be moving to corporate level position with Mr. Jones in a different Walmart, and because of cut-backs they would be eliminating a co-manager position, thus making Napoleon the store manager. While Snowball takes the corporate job, Napoleon moves into the store management.

Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant

My second theme is “Manipulating Language/Messages Helps Control the Ignorant.” This theme starts off with squealer as one of the co-managers. Squealer eavesdrops into a conversation between Napoleon and another Walmart’s corporate which snowball as joined. After communication with the corporate, Napoleon tells squealer to squeal to the workers, that snowball is against the increase of salary for all associates. Whatever Squealer tells the workers is false because snowball was never against the increase of salary for all the workers. Later on, squealer eventually adds another policy to the list of Walmart’s policies. The policy was about how no employee will receive any money if they question the salary at which they currently make, thus squealer uses this language as an instrument to control the weak minded.



The mankind in this story is basically the corporate and Mr. Jones. They are the ones who are not willing to pay extra pay to their employees. These people want all the wealth and money for themselves. They do not care about anything or anyone else.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is the head of this Walmart, so he is basically the owner of this store until he is overthrown.  He is unfair, selfish, and a very rude man. He treats all his workers like his slaves. He wants all the money and wealth to himself.


The store-management and the co-management represent the pigs in animal Farm. These people take advantage of the employees. The employees think that the corporate cares and respects them but the corporate does not. They take all the power after they overthrew Mr. Jones.

Old major

Old Major in my animal farm is represented as a semi- retired manager who is still working part-time in Walmart. Old major has been working in Walmart for the longest time, and has seen how corporate works and communicates with Walmart. He has seen unfairness, laziness, and selfishness by the corporate and Mr. Jones.  Before Old Major had passed away, he gave the associates and the store management a great idea to overpower the corporate and Mr. Jones.


Napoleon in my animal farm is represented as a co- manager, and then later on he moves up to a store manager in Walmart. Napoleon is very jealous of how Snowball moved into a higher position than him, but at the same is very happy that he is out of his way. Napoleon is glad that he is in full power, and now he can control everything his way.


Snowball in my animal farm is represented as a co-manager at first. Later on, he becomes a member of the corporate group with a different Walmart. He fought bravely during the rebellion. He was known to be a good and fair leader. After he left to become a member of corporate with a different Walmart, every worker thought that he had betrayed them. He was also driven away by Napoleon. Later on, Snowball was blamed for a lot of things, which he did not do.


Squealer is represented as co-manager in my story. He works for Napoleon. He listens to whatever Napoleon has to say. He is known to be a very good speaker. He passes down Napoleon messages to the workers.


The horses are represented as the working class with the employees and the associates. They are the ones who get treated like slaves; they work hard and for long hours with minimum wage.


Boxer is represented as a very hardworking, and strong employee in my Animal Farm. He does not pay much attention to much money he is getting for the work he does. All he will ever say that he needs to work harder! He is not very educated, so he does not know much about what is happening around him.


The dogs are represented as the security guards for Napoleon. He has security guards for his own protection.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Manor Farm in Animal Farm represents the Walmart store. The reason it represents the store is because this where my whole story takes place. Also this store is where all the workers jobs are.

The Farmhouse

My farmhouse represents a abandoned house left by Mr. Jones which is now bought by some of his old employees who worked in Walmart.

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