My Animal Farm


My animal farm is taking place on a popular game show called “The Rebellion” in 2009. The contestants participating have been in the game show for a while now. Some contestants have been switched out every few weeks for unknown reasons. The public of course finds this game enthralling, but the people participating are not as keen about the game as they were when they had first entered. They realized that “The Rebellion” is a game of death, power, and control. “The Rebellion” has a group of group of people working together to overcome various obstacles in order to gain a large sum of money.

The two themes used are “Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other” and “Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies.” These two themes will help us explore the dangers of trying to rule yourselves and how power can corrupt others. Animal Farm is used as a frame to explore these themes because its plot is all about the corruption of power and the characters can be used in different scenarios to still carry out these main themes.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

In Animal Farm, the animals are brought together in order to stop a tyrant. They had practiced Animalism which divided the power among the animals equally but once a new leader came in control, the power corrupted once again. In the game the contestants are brought as a whole group of people. Soon after, they figure out that the manager of the game show is gaining profit from high ratings of blood, death, and gore on the show. The contestants work together to exploit the wrong doings of the manager and eventually got him fired. A few days later a new manager had been hired along with extra employees to help the show get back on its feet.

The new manager realized that ratings were starting to go down and in order to maintain the show they divided the contestants into two different groups.  This went against the contestants’ rules of staying together as equals, so the manager used propaganda to mislead them into thinking it was the right thing to do.

Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

After the new manager takes over, new rules have been set on the game show. Instead of letting the contestants work as a whole group to gain the large sum of money, they split the contestants into two groups. One group wears the color red, while the other wears the color blue. Similarly to Napoleon, the manager reverts back to using death as the only way to gain order and recognition.



In relation to Animal Farm, my Mankind are the contestants who are tired of being killed off just for profit and publicity. They believe that there can be other ways of running a show without using death as entertainment.  The contestants symbolize the animals on the farm, who are tired of being oppressed by the humans.

Mr. Jones

My Mr. Jones is the first manager who started the show in 2009.  His name was Jim Smith. He had started the show with the idea that it would become famous. He wanted it to become recognized so he slowly added unruly torture tactics on the contestants as entertainment. As the game started growing famous, he started growing careless and greedier. He no longer cared about the well-being of the contestants and just focused on the fame.


The red group of contestants was specifically known as the smart and calculative players. Similarly, the pigs in Animal farm were the smart ones who eventually took control of things. This group of people looked down on the blue team and gained more control over the rest of the contestants on the blue side because of their wits. They came across a bag of supplies while searching for food and instead of bringing it back to camp, they stashed it away for themselves.

Old Major

Old major is represented as one of the oldest contestants on the show who had passed away before the split. His name was George Farewell and had experience in dangerous situations since he had served in Afghanistan in 2006. He was the wisest contestant and was seen as a role model to new comers. He was the one who had figured out what Jim Smith was planning and left the contestants in a state of panic when he passed away.


The third manager hired whose name was John Doe is my Napoleon. John Doe is a clear example of how power can corrupt. He started out as the co-manager and felt jealous of the manager.  He then felt as if he was at a rivalry with the manager whose name is Mr. Salvatore. He wanted to save the show but he wanted to do it alone. So he blackmailed Mr. Salvatore and even got his lawyers to bribe him with money to leave the show. John finally sat in the king’s throne and as he gained more and more power, he realized that he was in control and could do anything he wanted. He had transformed into another Jim Smith and had retreated to the methods of violence and injustice in return for fame and fortune.  


Snowball or also known as Mr. Salvatore, was the manager who was hired after Jim Smith. Mr. Salvatore had the right idea in mind for the game show. It was an idea that was pure and efficient and would keep the game show running. He of course was still developing this idea so once John Doe’s lawyers bribed and blackmailed him, he didn’t get the chance to finish it.


Squealer is the voice of propaganda. He is the “mole” in the game and was ordered by Jim to convince the contestants to split into two groups. He passed secrets of what the contestants were planning to Jim Smith to make sure that there wasn’t going to be any unexpected situations and that there was still order. He stayed as this role even when John Doe came into control.


The horses are the new contestants that are just in the game because they want to be famous. They are oblivious to the harsh obstacles and torturous tactics because they have trained beforehand. They believe that the game is just challenging and not as treacherous as everybody thinks.


Boxer is one of the new contestants that blindly follows management. He believes that whatever John Doe orders is what everyone has to do. He is also the strongest out of all the contestants in the red or blue groups and works the hardest.


The dogs are John Doe’s lawyers who are just as evilly unjust as he is. They handle John’s dirty work and his political ordeals. They blackmailed and bribed Mr. Salvatore to make sure that he doesn’t interfere with John Doe’s plans.


Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal Farm or my Manor Farm is the game show or “The Rebellion”. It is described as cynical, unexpected, and exciting from viewers worldwide. The government was forced to shut the game show down in 2010.  They described “The Rebellion” as contagious and that it was a world of corruption. Even if you had entered that world with a pure heart, you eventually would also be swallowed whole.

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse was the final destination for all the contestants.  It was known as “The Escape”. The red team had found “The Escape” next to where they had found the supplies. A month before the show was canceled; the blue team had finally arrived at “The Escape” only to find an empty warehouse with only a few measly dollar bills hovering on the muddy ground.

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