My Animal Farm


My animal farm takes place in the city of St.Louis , in the year 2008 , inside a clothing store. There have been a lot of altercations between the new and old workers. The new workers believe they are way better because they didn’t have to take classes to work at the clothing , but the old workers had to take these classes. The themes will be “Humans will Splits into Different Classes… And One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other” and “Education is Important for Society”. These two themes will show and describe how important education is and how someone can take advantage of you by blinding you with lies.


Theme 1

My first theme is “Humans will Splits into Different Classes… And One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other” this means that the old workers will take over the new workers. They will take over because they received more information than the new workers. The new workers didn’t have to take which is kind of bad because they missed out on a major part of information that they needed to know.

Theme 2

My second theme is “Education is Important for Society” this means that getting the knowledge you need is actually good. The new workers are coming in with an mentality that they are way better than the old workers because they didn’t have to take classes. In reality they should have really taken those classes because the old workers still have a major advantage over the new workers.

Character Abstracts


In my animal farm the old workers will act as mankind. They are very stubborn and selfish. They really don’t like the new workers because they think their better . Therefore the new workers try to walk around with the high head , because they don’t want the new workers to try to overcome them.


Johnson represents Mr.Jones , he is the manager of the clothing store. He is very easy going he doesn’t really pay attention to the workers he just wants to make sure he gets his money. That’s part of how the animosity gets worse because he is not really paying attention to his workers , and as a manager he should definitely be paying attention.


The assistant workers represent the pigs , they fill in when one of the workers are sick and or off . They try to prove to Johnson that they are actually problems going on . Also they want to be full time workers so they want to use whatever just to take someones spot.

Old Major

Joshua represents Old Major , he was the owner of the store. He died right after the store won the ” Best service” award. he was a very kind and relaxing type of person .


In my animal farm Jack represents Napoleon. Jack is always confused on everything and doesn’t really ever knows whats going on. He also wants to have all the power over everyone and everything.


Jim represents Snowball. Jim is an old worker , he is very wise and treats everyone equally.


Nick represents Squealer. Nick is a worker from another store that’s close by. Nick often stops by to speak to the workers and Johnson. He always has an great and positive attitude.


In my animal farm the Horses are the new workers. The horses are good people and are about their business .  They also have an ” I’m better than the old workers mentality”. Which is really not a good thing.


Bob represents Boxer. Bob is a new worker , he is very quiet and always does his work at his best effort and tries his best to put his best foot first every time.


the emergency security guards represent the dogs. They are very protective over the workers .


Manor Farm

This is where the old workers were located. The Manor farm was very high class and designed really nice. The new workers were only allowed to come in there if they had questions.. When they did come the old workers would try to bum rush them so they could get out fast.

The Farmhouse

This is where the new workers are located. This place is not as up to date as the old workers but it is durable. The old workers never really came in they would just walk past and make rude comments.






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