My Own Animal Farm


My Animal Farm takes place in 2014 in the streets of Saint Louis. Gangs  took down the gang leader, Tyrese. Little do they know someone gonna have to take his place.The themes are Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies and Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other.These themes show how ruling by yourself can be difficult.


 Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

Since the other gangs took down Tyrese, the main gang leader. They needed a  new gang leader. Since the Ballans were the ones who did the most attacking and organizing  in taking down Tyrese . They filled the void of boss in the community. Like how in Animal  Farm , the pigs were the smartest on the farm so they were in charge.

Humans will split into Different Classes… and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

The Ballans were smart since they were the only ones who received proper education but didn’t have enough money to go to college so they fell into drug dealing, gambling, and gangbanging.The other gangs were only street smart and couldn’t even read or write.The Ballans become the boss and made decisions and fixed problems like the pigs in Animal Farm.



Mankind is the gang leaders in different cities


Tyrese represents Mr.Jones  , Tyrese had a cocaine addiction  like how Mr. Jones  was a alcohol, Tyrese was slipping , he spead too much money on himself and didn’t contribute at all , this what lead to him being over thrown .


The Ballans were the smartest and organized gang  in St.Louis .Also they were the most active in overthrowning Tyrese. The ballans were once in school but was too poor to continued so they resorted to the streets and became a gang.

Old Major

Dayday represents Old Major , Dayday was  one of the oldest gang members , he lived to see when how gangs suppose to be , he came up with rebelling against Tyrese. Sadly, Dayday was shot by Tyrese.


Deebo represents Napoleon, Deebo is known for not following the rules .He wanted to rule by himself that was his plan from the beginning. When he gets his ways, he rules the streets unfair.


Pookie is  a role model to other thugs , he  made some bad descions in the past but enjoys his life now. Pookie is fair and he was the one who wanted to expand the gang.


Smokey isn’t much of a thug he is great at explaining , giving messages, and sharing news but that’s it he is alittle scary


The Crucifiers represent the horse they are hardworking and strong but they are uneducated and dimwitted. They can be easily tricked like the horses on Animal Farm. Also they will believe anything.


Kiki represent Boxer she is hardworking and devoted to her gang. Many thugs look up to her because of her dedication. Even though she is stupid she always does her hardest in even situation. Alson she is very strong because of her time in prison.


the Mafia represent the dogs they are ordered to protect and defend Deebo. A long time ago Deebo saved the Mafia kings life so the Mafia king granted him protection for life as a reward.


The Animal Farm/ Manor Farm

The streets of Saint Louis are represent The Animal Farm

The Farm House

Ruskin Ave. represents the farm house ,Ruskin Ave is once where Tyrese lived but Deebo moved there and told every one that no one but Ballans were only there.


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