My Animal Farm


My Animal Farm takes place in modern day San Diego, California. San Diego is a city with two types of gangs: the Teal Gang and the Pink Gang. This is similar to having money and power and not having money and power. The Teal Gang want to prove the Pink Gang  that they can also have money and power. Unfortunately, the queen pin of the Pink Gang wants them off her side of town and territory.When she demands that the Teal Gang be gone they decide to take a stand.

The two themes I will be using are ” Humans Will Split Into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of The Other” and ” Manipulating Language/ Messages Help Control The Ignorant. The first theme will show how  two different gangs split but only one will be overthrown from the throne. My second theme will show how one gang tries to manipulate a gang member form the other gang to help bring their queen pin down.


Humans Will Split Into Different Social Classes and One Will Take Advantage of The Other

Time has passed and the gangs are now divided in to two. The Teal Gang ( known as the pigs in Animal Farm) have to take down of the Pink Gang because they only have book smarts. The Pink Gang has the drug connection. The Teal Gang also have wise minds and are good at manipulating people. The Pink Gang (also known as the horses in Animal Farm) are not very street smart. The Pink Gang doesn’t really know about how to protect themselves and how to deal with the life of the streets. However they are very book smart that’s why they have the best drug connection they know how to be smart and sell. The Male gang members are easily manipulated by the Teal Gang because their female gang member are beautiful.

The Teal Gang females will manipulate the other gangs men by taking them on dates while their queen pin doesn’t know of their betrayal. The other gang believes that the Pink Gang Men are on their side and not question the things going on.

Manipulating Language/Message Helps Control The Ignorant

The Pink Gang believes that they are all on the same page and everyone is loyal to their gang. While the Teal Gang is planing their take over. They feel like they have the total package The street and book smarts to do what they want. The Pink Gang puts in all trust but gets none from their guys.



In my animal farm the Pink Gang will act as mankind. They are very stubborn and selfish. They really don’t like the new gangs because they think their better and have the best product . The Pink Gang  try to walk around wit no fear , because they don’t want the Teal Gang  to try to overthrow them.


Queen pin represents Mr.Jones , she is the Pink Gangs leader. She is very unkind and doesn’t  pay attention to the gang unless she wants to make sure she gets her money. That’s part of how the betrayal starts because she is not really paying attention to her gang members, and as the leader she should keep tabs on all members.


The strongest gang members represent the pigs , they fill in when one of the workers are hurt or dead. They try to prove to Queen pin that they is betrayal going on but she doesn’t listen. They will do anything to be able to stand next to Queen pin in this operation.

Old Major

The Teal Gangs Queen pin represents Old Major , she was the owner of the west side operation. She died right after her gang got their best drug connection in Brazil. She was a wise and always a step ahead of the gang which is why she was leader.


Kayla a former gang member represents Napoleon, she isn’t the smartest one of them all. She always wants to have some control, but always messes up things. She wants to knock The Teal Gangs Queen pin off her throne and be in control of the gang.


Kanea former gang member represents Snowball, she is very wise and is well respected in the streets. After The Teal Gangs Queen pin dies they want to put her in charge of the gang. Kayla won’t have it and Kanea challenges Kayla for control of the gang. Kanea seems to win the loyalty of the other gang members and wins her power.


Max former gang member represents Squealer.  He is the person that spreads Kayla’s propaganda among the other gang. Max spreads false claims to all the other members.


In my animal farm the Horses are the Teal Gang. The Teal Gang are strong minded people and are about their business .  They also think that they are and can be better than the Pink Gang. It’s kind of selfish but they want the streets clean of them.


Alexis represents Boxer. Alexis is a new member, she is to quiet and always does her work. Alexis wants to prove her self to Kanea that she is a very good worker and is loyal.


The guards and get away crew represents the Dogs. They want to protect and not ask any questions.


Manor Farm

This is where the Pink Gang were located. The Manor farm was very high class and designed for bosses. The Teal Gang were only allowed to come when there was action or things for the Queen pins to discus things. When they did come the Pink Gang would try to kill them so they could get out fast.

The Farmhouse

This is where the Teal Gang are located. This place is not as nice as the Pink Gang but it is durable in case something was to happen. The Pink Gang never really came around they would drive passed and give smug looks.

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