My Animal Farm


My animal farm takes place in a daycare center, in Saint Louis 2013. In this, many of the kids are unsatisfied with the teachers and how they are treated. There would be two classes, a larger and average class, and a small but very intelligent class.

I would be using two themes. These are “Absolute power corrupts” and “The more educated become the higher class”. The first of the two themes would show how having too much power can destroy a ruling system. The second would show how the more educated are looked up to and respected more.


Ideologies of Liberation Often Lead to Tyrannies

My first theme is “Absolute power corrupts”. In my animal farm, this is shown when the kids in the advanced classes (when given power) abuse it. The kids abuse the power by ordering the less intelligent kids around far too much and overworking them.

Education is Important for Society

My next theme is “The more educated become higher class”. This will be shown when the less intelligent kids look up to the advanced kids, until eventually they accept them as their full on leaders.  By looking up to those kids for advice, the intelligent kids become to feel as if they are better than the other children, thus making them feel higher class.



The mankind of this story are the average classes at the daycare. The teachers are not treating them right and giving them unfair treatment, so when the higher classes rise against the teachers, the lesser class is happy to oblige and follow their lead.


In my animal farm, my Mr.Jones is Miss Suzy the main ‘babysitter’, or ‘teacher’. Miss Suzy however neglects the children, forgetting to bring snacks for snack time, giving unnecessary punishments, and falling asleep in class. That is why they overthrow her.


The pigs in my animal farm are the contents of the smaller advanced class. They are the ones who decided they needed justice, and convinced the other classes to join them with their motivational speeches and convincing arguments. They gain ultimate power by this overhaul.

Old Major

The old major of my animal farm is Maria, the shy kid who first told the advanced students about a system overhaul. But right before they conquered the daycare, Maria switched to an0ther daycare center.


In my animal farm, Napoleon is a boy names Johnathon who wants nothing more but to have all of the power to himself. He is mischievous and can manipulate people.


Snowball in this version is Mary Anne, a sweet girl from the higher class that everyone has grown fond of and who wants to spread the word of their new power.


In my animal farm, Squealer is an out-going 3 year old named Steven that is very good at public speaking and getting ideas out. He is a very persuasive person.

The Horses

The horses in my animal farm are twins named Emmet and Lea. They don’t pay much attention to everything, but are hard workers and are eager to help.


Boxer is an older kid named Sam. He is very obedient of the rules and is probably the hardest worker of all. His motto is “I will work harder”.

The Dogs

The dogs are very young kids that Johnathon helped out at school. They follow his every command because of that.


The Animal Farm/Manor Farm

My Animal Farm is the play area for the uneducated kids. The smarter children used to come and visit them a lot, but then when Johnathon got the power they isolated himself from the others.

The Farmhouse

My Farmhouse is the teachers lounge. At first no one would dare to enter that room, but over time the more advanced kids decided their daily life would be easier (and therefore bettering everything)if they used that room.



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