Lessons I’ve Learned

In 2013, I transitioned to Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience, it was an amazing year. I came to this school by the hard work and effort that I put in during 8th grade. I was one of the kids to get selected into this school and I was very happy.

I was 14 when i made this transition. I came to this school because I thought this would be a good school for me because I want to major in medicine and doctoring. I new that this school would become something big. If I would come here I would have better opputunities to accomplish things.

What suprised me about their school’s cirriculum was their work method. It suprised me because i’ve never recieved so much work.  The work we recieve makes you have to study also. I lerned that im very hard working. I’m very ambitious too because if I want to reach my goals.

Personal Strenghts

Listening Skills

When you listen and follow directions you’ll understand what you’re doing and you won’t have many questions to ask while getting your work done. Its good to listen while the teacher is teaching so you won’t miss out on anything. Everything the teacher teaches it’ll comeback in the future on test and other things aswell.

It’s also good to listen to your classmates because they could really tell you things that you need to know. They could also inform you on cultural or personal experiences that you know nothing about.  Listen to what your mind says to you because sometimes you know what’s best for you.

In world history we were going on to a unit about Islam and Muslims. I needed a little more information about Muslims and I couldnt remember what most of the book said about their culture. I needed this information for the test that was coming. So, I went to one of the Muslims for help and I listened to everything they said. It really helped me with the test because I made a perfect score.  Listening makes a difference and If you don’t listen you will miss out on something.


When preping it comes with having everything you need to help in class or on a test. such as pencil, paper, binder, and or a caculator.  Preping is basically being organized and having everything in order. It’ll have a big impact on school work,  in your home or even while cooking.

This trait has helped me at this school because I’m prepared for anything we have. I keep all my materials with me so I’ll be prepared for a test or an important assignment. I realized that I need to be more prepared and organiuzed because of all the assignments, quizzes, and test I was recieveing when I came to this school.

One day I came to school and their was apop up quiz and I was not prepared. I didn’t have none of my materials nor my notes. That’s when I finally realized that I need to begin to prepare my self and have all the things that I needed. I made a list of all the things I believed I needed when I take test and quiz.

Staying Focused

While you’re in school you always have be focused and give your full divided attention. You have to have determination and drive and that comes with staying focused and keeping your eyes the prize. Staying focused will change your life a lot because you’ll be prepared unlike the children that don’t pay attention. This trait will benefit others because it’ll help people accomplish more things. This trait has helped me at school with test and quizzes because once I focused more I didn’t have as many problems or questions about what they’ve went over several times.


I want to succeed so I try my best to get good grades. I study at least 2 hours a night for any upcoming test or quizzes. If you want to succeed you have to put forth effort. You have to do whatever it takes to have a better future for yourself. I learned this trait in middle school because I realized that I wanted to become a doctor and you have to work 10 times more than others to reach your dreams. So I made up my mind and started to work even more harder because I want to make a change and open doors for other African American children to work hard for what you want.

You can lose this trait if you start to lack in the consistency of work or pace you were working at before. It can slow down the process of reaching your dream because if you start to lack you won’t always be ahead as you were before. This trait helps me in school because I use all the time that I’m given to focus and be on task. Such as study skills I love the fact that I have study skills because I have time to study a little more and do homework. I don’t waste any of the time that is given.

Note Taking

Note taking is the most important skill in high school. When you have your notes it’ll help you a whole lot because it prepares you for test and quizzes. It’s also something to look back to for help. This trait helps me at school because once I focus my attention to my teachers and listen when they give me information I write them down. I really do need them because sometimes I have to look back over information when I get home because  sometimes I forget what we’ve talked about.

This trait can benefit others because it’ll also help them with anything. I nurtured this trait into myself because I felt that this will help me and it’ll also prepare myself for anything. Sometimes people may know their notes off the top of their head but taking notes will help you more.


I am determined to get my work in on time, take notes, listen, and focusing. I get a lot of things done. This trait helps me succeed in school because I pay attention and I don’t want to get bad grades or anything. So I try my hardest in everything that I do to make me and my family proud. What comes with drive and hard work. This traits benefits others because it’ll have others to be more reliable to turn work in, keep up with their work, and staying focused.  I never quit I try and try till I accomplish what I want.

I nurtured this trait in me because I want to accomplish many things in my life. I have a bright future ahead of me and I will do anything and everything to accomplish my dream. This is just the start of making my dreams come true. I know that everything that I do is upon me and I have to do what it takes.

Personal Weakness

Easily Distracted

I’m sometimes easily distracted when I sit around my friends I won’t be very focused. Even if I’m at home and around a TV I won’t get any work done. This can hurt my learning because of the distractions but It’s starting to ware off because I start to sit alone and listen to my teacher. I don’t want to lose focus on subjects that are important to learn which can make an impact on my life. I hate that it distracts me because I could accomplish more things if I just stayed away from my friends until class was over.

To lose this negative trait I’ll ask for a seat change. This trait isn’t hard to ignore because all you have to do is make a few changes to prevent it. I learned to stay focus and have determination and it’s beginning to change and make things a lot better. I became conscious of this trait in the beginning of ninth grade year.


I hate that I’m a procrastinator, because I wait till the last minute to do assignments. This habit is very bad and it might get me in big trouble. I realized this habit needed to be fixed because I might forget to do the assignment and get to school and get points marked off for not turning it in with no second chance. I became conscious of this trait last week because I was afraid of not being able to get a second chance for not turning my assignment in on time. Yes, this is something that I learned. I learned it from waiting to late to do assignments.

This weakness hasn’t actually helped me. It made me realize that this a bad habit. Now I know that I should plan and do work ahead of time. This weakness came from doing this in middle school. I’ve done it every since too. I’m starting to break this bad habit.

Very Sociable

I talk a lot and that’s a very bad habit. Most of the time when I socialize it’s off topic about random things and it gets me in trouble . This trait is hard to stop because you’re surrounded by people and I get bored quickly. To lose this negative trait I’m going to try my hardest to sit alone or just look over notes instead of talking.  I became conscious of this trait every since elementary and it’s been hard to stop socializing,

This weakness has hurt me at this school because I didn’t write all my notes down for a test coming up. I didn’t get a perfect score because I wast too busy socializing.  This weakness has helped me because instead of me talking to my classmates I talk to my teacher more. Now I get more information that I need and I stay focused. I’m breaking this habit so that I can be more focused.

Asking for Help

I sometimes get nervous to ask teachers questions. I don’t ask questions in class because I don’t want them to go over the lesson if almost everyone has it. My mom says it’s best to ask questions because someone might need help with the same thing you’re stuck on. I hate that I have this problem because it seems like no one else has problem.  This weakness came from middle school. I was nervous to ask in middle school because I was afraid of my classmates thinking I was slow or something. This weakness helped me to speak more and ask for help.

To lose this negative habit I’m going to begin to ask for help.This weakness has hurt me in school because it caused my grades drop. I became conscious of this trait when I was in eighth grade. I learned to ask for help not caring about anyone opinion because It only benefits me in the end.

Being Lazy

Sometimes I’m very lazy with my work. Laziness takes over me. I want to do things but i”m to lazy to do them. I motivate myself to do things because their are rewards in the end of all your hard work. Such as extra credit assignments once I have a nice grade I don’t think I should strive to do extra credit. Which I should so my grade can be even higher than it is. I became conscious of this trait in eighth grade.

This weakness came from me being a procrastinator. This has hurt me in school because I’ve passed up a couple of opportunities. To lose this negative trait I’mm going to get involved in everything that I feel comfortable with. Not pass up opportunities like I did last year. This weakness hasn’t actually helped me. I know that I need to make quite a few changes.

Bored Quickly

I get bored quickly when I already know something or doing and assignment that doesn’t interest me. It takes over me quickly when were not doing something fun. This weakness came from sitting down after test when everyone is still working. This weakness hasn’t actually hurt me yet. I’m willing to stop it before it does. To lose this negative trait I’m going to look over my test when I’m done, find something to do such as reading a book , or find something to be interested in the assignment.

I became conscious of this trait after I was done with tests or quizzes. I continue to use this trait because it’s a habit and I can’t really stop it but I’ll try. This weakness threatened my academic process when I was in seventh grade. It threatened my process because I didn’t stop talking during the test. I got sent to the principal office and was asked not to talk again or their will be consequences.



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