Lessons I’ve Learned

In 2013 I attended Gateway Middle School of Science and Technology. I had been enrolled there all my junior high years. At Gateway I picked up many bad habits some I still are infect to this day, but I also picked up much strength that help me succeed now. After I graduated from Gateway I made a transition to CSMB (Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience). I actually planned on attending another school until my science teacher told me I would be wasting my abilities if I went there. Later that day my science teacher sat down with me and we talked about this new medical school that was opening up. It grabbed my eye, so we set up an interview and it went from there. I choose to attend this school not only because my science teacher, but the advantage’s it gave me in the future. The only thing I knew about CSMB was that it focused on kids who wanted to be in the medical field when they got older. When I actually enrolled at the school, and came to classes I was surprised that the curriculum was above what we needed. For example, most freshman students don’t take physics until junior year, or that our sophomore year we would already be taking medical courses. So far attending Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience I’ve learned being myself and having manners will not only help me social wise but academic wise as well.





I have good manners. My manners are all equivalent for elders, adults, students, and peers. This trait helps me a lot because people perspectives change when the here how highly I speak. Once there perspectives change so does there outlook.



I manage my time very carefully. This trait has helped me because I have the ability to put my main priorities first then procrastinate later. Time management is one thing I’m very good at.



My work effort is outstanding. I try hard when I want to succeed and have no other options or thoughts of failing. This trait is helpful because when I put my mind and determination to something I usually succeed and accept nothing less.

Admiration towards classmates

My respect towards my classmates is 50/50. You treat me with respect I’ll do the same to you. This trait has helped me a lot because all of my peers have treated me with respect leading a good outlook on all situations.



I like to experiment and try new things this trait has helped me because when a teachers says were about to start a new unit I don’t drag about the situation. I wonder how its going to turn out and participate to see if I like it or not.


Personal Weaknesses


I am tempted to do a lot of distracting things but the look fun. This trait hasn’t helped me at all its only benefit is fun.


I procrastinate a lot doing study hall and when I get home. This trait doesn’t help me it only has effect on my academic life.



Sleep is a weakness to me because I tend to sleep through every emotion I go through. If I’m mad, hungry, sad, depressed or even happy I sleep. This trait has helped me grow a lot literally.

Social Media

This is a weakness because I am addicted to social media. I feel that I have to tweet about every little thing. This has only helped me grow out of my shyness shell.


Parties are the most dangerous out of all my weakness because since I focus on school so much I feel it’s only right that I relieve stress by partying. And I love parties there just so awesome!

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