Lessons I’ve Learned

From 4th grade to 8th grade I went to Valley Park Elementary and Valley Park Middle School. I lived in Valley Park and had many friends. Since everyone lived around the school we would often get together and play sports after school and meet up to work on homework. The environment was great and I really enjoyed studying there. I wanted to have a career in the medical field. I was prepared to graduate from Valley Park High school and continue on to collage.

In the middle of my 8th grade year in 2013 my parents said that they wanted me to apply to CSMB. They said that it would be the first step forward to getting a job in the medical field. I didn’t want to leave my friends and school. I knew that it was a good opportunity to get a foot in the door. I reluctantly agreed to go.

When I got accepted I was very curious to know how the other kids would be. I personally thought everyone would be nerds and it would be boring. Surprisingly enough there were some cool people who were also very smart. I knew the school would offer challenging material that would prepare me for the rigorous work that medical school would bring. At Valley Park I had a very light work load and was quite relaxed. I was not prepared for the work load that CSMB had in store. The curriculum was enticing and the teachers made  learning fun while still maintaining a good learning environment.

In the beginning I struggled because I was not used to the work load. I didn’t think I could make it through the year. But soon I developed time management skills that allowed me to mark my priorities and allow me to study while still participating in other activities. Even though the transition was hard and it took a while to get used to I have drastically improved my time management skills and can take on more work while still doing other activities.

Personal Strengths


I work hard to get good grades and to succeed. I try to get the best score and best grades. I always put in more effort to do good in anything. Even though i’m not the best I try my absolute best. When I was younger i’d always have the mentality to put in as much effort as possible. If I try I can achieve my goals. This helps me to do the best that I can in anything. I don’t like to just simply settle with a outcome. If in my heart I know I could have done better I make sure to put in twice the effort the next time.

When I was in elementary and middle school I noticed people who simply didn’t seem to care about their grades and just sat back. I was astonished that someone could care so little about something so important. When it came down to mastering a skill or learning a new concept I made sure to take every step I could to understand it. When we had  projects we sometimes get put into groups. Some members in the group would not put in any work and just lay back. This put more work on others and I experienced the extra stress of taking someone else’s load along with your own. Having to work more I slowly learned how to put in more work. When it payed off it made me feel good and encouraged me to do the same the next time.


I’m not good at a lot of things. When I was younger I was awful at sports. I did not seem to have a singe athletic gene in my body. I wanted to improve so I put my mind to it and trained in the things i was bad at. Over time I got better. When I look back and see how far I have progressed it amazes me. I don’t remember much of the transformation but, I do remember that I always thought in my head of the end goal and didn’t let anything stop me.

In school sometimes I’m not always up to par on everything. Taking my skill of not letting anything stop me and continuing on to my goal I applied that to my school work. If I was lacking in a skill I would do everything in my power to get better. I wouldn’t stop till I was satisfied. By continuing to be determined it actually helps strengthen my determination. As I accomplish my various goals I feel good. The feeling of satisfaction makes me hunger for more. This provides as a extra boost that makes me unstoppable to reach my next goal. In some things though, I am never satisfied and will always continue to be better.


I usually don’t take long to pick up on things. When someone is showing me a new skill or concept it doesn’t take long for me to grasp it. When I was in elementary I noticed that I would learn faster than other kids. Things that took one child maybe a week I would understand in maybe three days. This helped in many situations. When I was becoming more involved in sports I would grasp different concepts and methods easily. Coaches and teammates noticed that I improved so much in such little time.

This also helps in school. Being able to comprehend concepts is a very valuable skill. When you can grasp a concept faster you have more time to apply that concept. This is also very valuable in the job world. Managers look for people who can grasp concepts quickly and start applying them.

Not Easily Stressed

When there is a lot of stress I usually am relatively OK. When I came to CSMB the work load was ad least three times greater than in Valley Park. In the beginning I freaked out because all my time was taken up by work. But, eventually I calmed down and made strategies to finish my work. Being able to keep calm in stressful will be very helpful later in collage.

The work load in collage; especially medical school, will be much larger. Being able to keep calm and change in order to adapt is very useful. Collage life is very stressful. You must balance school with extra responsibilities that come with being an adult. This allows you to perform well.


I am very focused on school. I know what my goals are in life. I know what I must do to achieve them. I know that it will not be easy. This allows me to focus on particular things that I know will help me instead of wasting my time. Also this stops me from being sidetracked by other random things in life. Things like social media do not affect me as much. Knowing that my end goal is very hard to reach it helps me to ignore certain distractions to focus on my school work.

This will also help me in collage. In collage there will be many distractions. My parents won’t be there to keep me on track. Since all the responsibility of studying is on you it can be disastrous. There have been many occasions when my parents had to tell me to study or do my homework. Continuing to keep my end goal in mind will help me stay focused and keep my priorities straight.


From a young age I have been a easy going person that likes to talk to people and hang out. Make connections is a valuable skill. In school being focused is important but completely ignoring other students is not good. You can use connections to get help with a skill you aren’t good at or to figure out what the homework is. When you have connections with a large array of people it can help you with gaining information.

Having connections is important in a career. If you do not have good connections you won’t succeed. Without connections you can’t move up the ladder because people won’t know who you are. Social skills comes with the person. Some people are very sociable and can easily talk and make connections. Other people may find it very difficult to make connections. A good way to work on this skill is to go and talk to people. As you get more comfortable you will start talking to more people resulting in even more connections.

Personal Weaknesses


Everyone is lazy in their own way. When it comes to school I get very lazy. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing work. When I do work i don’t want to I sometimes don’t put in very much effort. When I don’ put in much effort the quality of my work is not good. This causes me to get bad grades. This has been a problem because I do this often. I put down random stuff just to get done with it. This doesn’t show the true quality of my work.

This is very bad because in the medical field you cannot simply slop something down. Peoples lives will be in you hand. I think that laziness is just human nature. I don’t think I will ever wan’t to do school work. But, if I remember what I want to do and become it will give me the motivation to put in my best effort.

Over Confident

Sometimes I get very hyped up and believe that I will do very well at something. When I get over confident I think that I will do good in a certain subject. Sometimes I get confident and I don’t study. Then when a test or quiz comes up I may not know all the information. This is a very big problem. At times I feel like I know the material or that I’ve learned it before. When I feel this way I do not study.

I need to learn that even if I feel confident I should ad least go over it or review. Being over confident goes with the person. As a individual in general I am quite confident. Others are not as confident. Even out of school I am confident. In sports being confident in your self is a good thing. Being highly involved in sports makes my self confidence higher. This carries over to other parts of my life. Sometimes its good and sometimes its bad.

Scared To Get Help

This weakness comes from me just being very confident. Sometimes I try to do things myself because it makes me feel more accomplished. At school when I don’t understand a concept I don’t try to get help. I do this a lot because I like to do things by myself as an individual. When I don’t understand a concept it leads to bad grades. Since I don’t fully grasp the concept I might not know certain parts that may come up on a test or quiz.

When I was in Algebra I rarely asked for help. I was able to grasp most of the concepts but there were little small concepts here and there that I didn’t understand. I didn’t ask for help because I thought that it wouldn’t come up or I wouldn’t need it. Then on a test this concept would appear and I would be stuck. Also a small concept might be part of a bigger concept. Not understanding a small part means you won’t be able to fully grasp the large concept.


Sometimes with school work I put it off till the last moment. In teens procrastination is everywhere. It is part of human nature. It all depends on a persons priorities. If someone priorities sports or TV they will put other things off to take part in that activity. When I put off work till the last moment it makes the quality of  work bad. Since I will be in a rush to get the work done the work will not be as good. I won’t taking time to make sure everything is up to par.

Many times I have been assigned a project and I say that I will complete it. I will keep putting it off till I have to do it. Even with this project now I procrastinated on. I said I would do it but didn’t complete it till the day before. I could have done it the whole day but I put it off. Then the Super Bowl came and I put aside the assignment again. I didn’t get back to the assignment till about nine o’clock and had to stay up late in order to finish it.


Sometimes I find it hard to make decisions. When it comes down to specific goals and what I want to do in life it is a hard decision. Since the beginning I have been set on being in the medical field. But, I have many goals and I must set my priorities and see what I really wan’t to do. Some people have made their mind and have made a plan. I have not. I might make a choice then look back and second think my decision.

When I must make a decision later in life it will be hard. When I’m choosing between collages or a career. Being a surgeon or doctor you will have to make very hard decisions. These decisions might decide if someone dies or lives. I need to develop skills that will help me with making decisions.


Sometimes wanting to have fun always gets in my way. Human nature is to seek pleasure. Sometimes that urge overwhelms me and I forget about my goals. This is bad because when you don’t think of your goals you will not reach them. This makes it more difficult for me to do well. I feel like if I could control my urge to go have fun instead of working I would be doing twice as good as I am now.

Sometimes I wan’t to go play outside or go to the gym instead of studying. When I skip studying it affects my grade directly. Later on I regret it but I never learn from my mistake. I still continue to go and have fun instead of working. In the medical field you must sacrifice your own pleasure in order to succeed. You must be able to sacrifice and work instead of going out.

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