Lessons I’ve Learned

In October 2013, I  was 14 years old and had just been enrolled into Collegiate School of Medicine and Bio-Science. It was a fresh new start for me. I didn’t know anyone or anything of that sort. I came from Lift For Life Academy. The reason why I left LFLA was because it wasn’t challenging for me and I stared getting bored with work. When I came to CSMB I didn’t know what to expect. How the teachers were, the students, classwork, or homework. I was completely lost.

The curriculum of CSMB wasn’t really surprising for me since it was similar to private schools, so I knew what I had to do in order to keep my grades up. I knew that in order to be at the top I had to buckle down with my work and studies in order to be successful and continue to make good grades. I’ve learned a lot about myself while I have been in this school. I learned that I could think outside the box to extraordinary things. Things have been taught to me that I have never been taught before and it made me progress into the student that I am today.

The teachers have pushed me and made sure I understood what was going on. Even though at first I only liked certain teachers and thought that some of the ways they were teaching me I wouldn’t be able to understand, but now I  understand and thank them for that. I am so lucky to have chosen this school so that I can get into a wonderful college with a scholarship.

Personal Strengths

Memorization of Facts and Skills

I can remember an extraordinary amount of skills and concepts. I believe that I have had this trait since forever. I remember when I used to attend Little Flower Catholic School that I could always remember things that they have taught me and recite it the next day.

At CSMB this trait has helped me in so many ways. I remember certain things that my old middle schools have taught me, I instantly remember, and I show it in my work.

Good Attendance

I have had good attendance for as long as I remember. The only time I missed school was if I was really sick or if I had to attend a funeral. This trait has helped me to stay on task at school and not miss any tests, assignments, or lessons that would hurt me in the future if I wasn’t present.

Having good attendance at CSMB is very important to me. I think if I missed one day I missed a whole week.  Plus it takes so long to take the test you’ve missed, do the assignment that you missed the lesson on, and more.

Willing to Learn New Things

While I am in school I love to learn new things. It helps me get a better understanding of what my other options are. This trait would help me in a lot of situations in the future. I just get excited learning new techniques and procedures.

This trait helps me in school as well. I enjoy doing this trait because it makes me a stronger student in learning. I am glad I have this trait because it makes me love learning.

 Always Prepared

I always come to school prepared. Its just a habit for me to bring the materials I need  for school. This trait is good because a successful student always come prepared. This has really helped me while being here at CSMB. You have to be on top of your game and make sure your homework is turned in on time and be ready for the day.

 Good Studying Habits

I always make sure that when I am studying I study so that it will help me ace the test or quiz. This trait has helped me in the past to always study ahead of time which always made me get A’s and B’s on quizes and tests. In in the past I failed to study ahead of time and as a result I did not score a good grade on that test, and I vowed to always study a week before anything.

At CSMB it really matters it study or not. We take quizes and tests almost every 2 weeks depending on the class. So it’s really important if you study.

 Detailed Note Taker

Taking detailed notes is a really good way to learn. When I take deatiled notes it helps me study for the test of that unit or to refresh my memory. Thia trait helps me in the future fro college. So since I know how to write detailed notes for my understanding it helps me to study.


 Personal Weaknesses

Nervous about asking for help

Sometimes I get really shy about asking for help during class and out of class. I just don’t know what it is. I’ve had this trait for as long as I can remember. Always during middle school and now in the present.

I’ve seem to kind of grow out of this weakness ever since I have been here at CSMB. Sometimes when I need help I either ask another classmate or try to ask the teacher.

Distracted Easily

Throughout middle school I tend to always get distracted by other students or things. The starting of 9th grade certain classmates distracted me, but just not only me but other students as well.

I seem to be growing out of this trait, but I still get distracted every once in a while. I need to learn more on how to stay more focused and not let others distract me.

Following Simple Directions

Sometimes I can’t seem to follow simple directions. It’s like I over look the directions that they teacher explained. I’ve had this trait for along time, but it’s slowly fading away. Now I can actually listen first then move to do what is being told instead of just jumping to do something in a hurry.

I can be Very Strong Willed and Opinionated

Ever since middle school I would have strong opinions about certain things. I would always try to prove myself being right and make the other person wrong. My opinions would hurt people if I was being to forward or honest. Now I have learned how to control my opinions and keep the unnecessary ones to myself.

I Over Think Things and Make Them More Complicated Than They Have to be.

Sometimes I overwhelm myself including homework. When I start getting filled with a lot of work the most simplest things seem to  be complicated to me and they seem impossible. Now I have learned how to take my time and now over look anything. I just have to think it through and focus.

Shy to Read Out Loud

When I was younger I struggled with pronouncing B’s and G words, but I eventually grew out of it. I can read on a high level because my mom makes me read at home, but at school I’m just too shy to read. I wonder whether or not someone thinks I’m reading too slow or fast.

Even if I know everyone and they know me I’m still shy of reading out loud. I believe that I had this trait ever since 4th grade. Before then when I attended Little Flower Catholic School I used to enjoy reading out loud, but now I’m just too shy.


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