My Animal Farm


Kevin has taken over the entire neighborhood. Children can’t play in parks and dogs can’t pee in yards. This neighborhood is going to be a disaster! Children need to be free to play in the local park, and parents shouldn’t have to take the children to another neighborhood to play in a park. Kevin’s posse wants to debate against him with this situation, but they’re scared. If they can’t do it, then someone should be able to do it. Everyone fears Kevin. There has to be someone in this neighborhood who thinks this is wrong, and can stand up to Kevin to let him know what’s up!

In the meantime, until they get that one, brave individual, they will have to settle down and go with the flow. Dogs will either have to get potty trained, use the bathroom in the house, or they buy a litter box. This will be one horrible neighborhood for a while, but when the hero arrives they will be just fine. Until this happens, the two most important themes will occur. First, many humans will split into different classes and take advantage of each other. Second, education is very important for society. The novella, Animal Farm, will be used to explore these themes. Animal Farm has two similar themes.


Humans Will Split into Different Classes…and One Class Will Take Advantage of the Other

The Neighborhood has just recently found out that Kevin kicked his posse to the curb because they tried giving Kevin their opinions on the change. The smartest people in the neighborhood, the Williams (much like the pigs in Animal Farm), knew how to work this out and would lead us through the process easily. The Williams would take place as Kevin’s new posse to find out the secrets, and other thing that would take him down.

The left side of the neighborhood would be working as hard as they cant to help the Williams family, but would be as dumb as a door knob ( much like the horses in Animal Farm). Kevin had many ways of sabotaging their ways, but they had know idea when or how to see his moves because of their lack of intelligence. Kevin won’t be in this position long because we have many good ideas get him thrown.

Education is Important for Society

Most of the neighborhood isn’t educated. This is a tremendous problem because they won’t understand what’s going on with the plans and steps. They won’t be able to know which side they would even me on. They would be working endlessly with lack of intelligence. They would need someone very smart and can dumb stuff down for them to understand. Unfortunately, they would be able to stop socialism from collapsing.



In my animal farm, the previous posse of Kevin would act as mankind. They care only about money and nothing of the environment, but would help the people in petty ways to get what they want from the people.

Mr. Jones

In my animal farm Mr. Jones is a powerful hood rat that has taken over the neighborhood. His name is Kevin Wright. He has many plans to sabotage, destroy, and get the people out of the neighborhood.


The pigs in my animal farm are the Williams. Jacob, Martin, Lee, and Nathan Williams. They are all brothers, and the smartest in the neighbor, and have been highly trained in many situation that may happen. Therefore, they can help with anything, anywhere.

Old Major

In my animal farm Jacob Williams represents Old Major. He is the father of the Williams family. He died due to his plan of over throwing Kevin Wright.


Martin will represent Napoleon in my animal farm. Martin is Jealous of his brother Lee because he was the leader of they’re neighborhood. Later on in the novella, Martin uses Lee’s biggest fear to chase him away in order to become the leader of the neighborhood.


Lee represents Snowball in my animal farm. He is a great leader that shows great responsibility. He is very intelligent, and gets much attention from the neighborhood. It’s sort of like they’re his fans.


In my animal farm Nathan will represent Squealer. Nathan is an expert convincer and great speaker. Later on Nathan spreads Martin’s propaganda, and he’s the one that makes up reason to back up the Williams family.


In my animal farm the left side of the neighborhood represents the horse. They are uneducated, but work so hard. They are perfect to be taken advantage of by the Williams family.


In my animal farm a hard working, uneducated individual named Jonah represents Boxer. He is very big. He can barely fit through the door of his house.


The dogs in my animal farm represent a tough group of people who work for Martin to protect him. They are to scare off Lee, and they do in order for Napoleon to get what he wants.


The Animal Farm/ Manor Farm

The Manor Farm represent the entire neighborhood. Once Martin takes over they aren’t able to leave the neighborhood anymore. Martin’s tough group are to take watch of the whole neighborhood and makes sure no one leaves.

The Farmhouse

Kevin Wright’s house, located in the center of the neighborhood, will represent the Farmhouse. No one can step foot into this place unless you work with the man himself. It’s guarded, so that’s why the Williams will take place as his “posse” in order to get into the house to find out “top secret” stuff.










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